33 Amazingly delicious Fried Chicken Recipes

We all know that everyone loves fried chicken, its undoubtedly the best fried dish ever made, what’s even better, majority of the population around the world can consume them, most religion can have this on their diet apart from some, and if you are not vegan or vegetarian then there are no issues at all. Fried chicken can be interpreted in many different cultures, some heavily batter them, some lightly and some don’t even put starch on it. Today we are rounding up 33 Amazingly delicious Fried Chicken Recipes found in this blog, if there’s more than one way to skin a cat definitely there are even more ways to fry that chook.

Battered or Breaded

Let’s start with the most common preparation, battered. Basically, this type of fried chicken is usually prepared with a wet batter or with heavy batter made with different starches, it’s just a way to give that chicken extra crispiness that this preparation is known for. It can also be an avenue to soak up the sauces it may have to give it that extra edge.

Southern Style Fried Chicken 3

Southern Style Fried Chicken
The classic chicken everyone knows.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken 2

Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Same thing as the Southern one but with an extra edge of marinating it in buttermilk, giving it that signature tenderness and juiciness.

Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken Wings 1

Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken Wings
For those who love them hot and spicy, perfect with an ice-cold drink like beer.

Crispy Buttered Chicken
Now if fried is not enough, then drench it in butter after cooking giving it a buttery finish.

Copycat Chicken Joy
This is how the Filipinos love their chicken, made by Jollibee, it is taking the world by storm

Chicken Lollipop 1

Chicken Lollipop
If you are torn between bone in and bone off.

Parmesan Garlic Fried Chicken 1

Parmesan Garlic Fried Chicken
Crispy, pungent and cheesy.

Crispy Parmesan Crusted Chicken 1

Crispy Parmesan Crusted Chicken
Similar to the above but cheese is infused on its breading.

Korean Fried Chicken
Another one that is taking the world by storm, this Korean version is the crispiest of them all.

Snowy Fried Chicken
With a Korean Fried Chicken based made even better with a sweet cheesy powder topping.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Wings 1

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Wings
Inspired by the ever-growing popularity of Salted egg yolk flavours of Singapore.

Doritos Chicken Fingers 1

Doritos Chicken Fingers
Doritos and Chicken in one, this is the perfect game night food.

Taiwanese Breaded Chicken (Ji-Pai)

Taiwanese Breaded Chicken (Ji-Pai)
One of the best fried chicken street foods you will ever have, and you won’t even notice it’s made with chicken breast.

Lightly Coated

This variety as the name suggest are lightly coated fried chicken, less of the starch more of the chicken.

Chicken Karaage 1

Chicken Karaage
Gingery, garlicky with hints of soy, this is how the Japanese like their chicken.

Copycat Bonchon Chicken 1

Copycat Bonchon Chicken
Another Korean style chicken, double fried for crispy perfection, coated with a sour, savoury, sweet and spicy sauce

Tebasaki Fried Chicken 1

Tebasaki Fried Chicken
Japanese style double fried chicken glazed in a sweet, sour and savoury sauce made with soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar.

Chicken 65 1

Chicken 65
Now if you want it spicy and hot, then this Indian style fried chicken is best for you.

Just Chicken

Perfect for the gluten intolerant, this variety relies more on the flavour of chicken and sometimes it can be better than the battered variant.

Crispy Skin Pan Fried Chicken 1

Crispy Skin Pan Fried Chicken
Simple as chicken and salt with a nice crispy outer layer

Bagoong Fried Chicken 1

Bagoong Fried Chicken
Pungent Filipino style fried chicken marinated in fermented shrimp paste.

Belachan Fried Chicken 1

Belachan Fried Chicken
Similar to the Filipino one, it’s also pungent but using a fermented shrimp block.

Copycat Aristocrats Honey Fried Chicken 1

Copycat Aristocrats Honey Fried Chicken
Brined, deep fried until crispy then coated with a nice honey glaze.

Max’s Style Fried Chicken
Unique twice cooked chicken steamed then fried giving it that signature tenderness and crispiness.

Pandan Chicken 1

Pandan Chicken
Thai Style where tender chicken pieces are wrapped and cooked in pandan leaves, usually served with a dipping sauce made out of lightly flavoured soy sauce or fish sauce.

Goes well with rice

Not all chicken goes well on its own, sometimes it can go well with rice and a bit of sauce, making this a complete meal on its own.

Asian Style Lemon Chicken 2

Asian Style Lemon Chicken
Fried chicken served with sweet and tangy lemon sauce which cuts the greasiness off.

Orange Chicken 1

Orange Chicken
Similar to the lemon chicken but less tangy and fruitier.

Chicken In Creamed Corn Gravy 2

Chicken In Creamed Corn Gravy
You never know corn and egg gravy works well with fried chicken until you tried this.

Nanban Chicken

Nanban Chicken
Imagine egg salad and chicken in one dish, its creamy and delicious

Chicken Katsu Curry 1

Chicken Katsu Curry
Another Japanese creation made with tender chicken fried cutlet, served with a mild Japanese curry sauce, this is the perfect chicken rice meal.

Paotsin Green Hainanese Rice and Chicken
Hainanese Rice infused with pandan leaves then served with Asian style crispy chicken, it’s like your Hainanese chicken but fried.

Snacking Chicken

If you just want to snack on chicken but don’t want to get full, then this variety is perfect for you. Made with chicken titbits, it’s an easy snack you want to have with you all the time.

Taiwanese Salt and Pepper Chicken (Yan Su Ji) 1

Taiwanese Salt and Pepper Chicken (Yan Su Ji)
Similar to Ji-Pai but in smaller pieces but with basil leaves these are aromatic than is bigger cousin.

Popcorn Chicken
The ultimate snacking chicken, most fried chicken fast food has this but it’s easy to make it at home, so you don’t need to dine in.

Korean Fried Chicken Knees 2

Korean Fried Chicken Knees
Yes, knees, more of the cartilage part, making it rich with collagen, it’s also juicy with a nice crunch.

Chinks (Chicken Skin Chicharon) 2

Chinks (Chicken Skin Chicharon)
Not really chicken meat but just the skin, essentially still a fried chicken but better, don’t we all love the skin? come on admit it.


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