32 Irresistible Filipino Street Foods to Satisfy Your Cravings

Street food love affair! 🍢✨ Dive into “32 Irresistible Filipino Street Foods” – a burst of flavours, a celebration of tradition. 🇵🇭 #FilipinoStreetEats. Indulge in the vibrant world of Filipino street food with “32 Irresistible Picks.” From Balut to Turon, each bite tells a tale of culture and flavour. 🇵🇭

Embark on a gastronomic adventure with “32 Irresistible Filipino Street Foods to Satisfy Your Cravings.” The bustling streets of the Philippines come alive with an array of flavours and textures that tell a tale of culture and tradition. Join me as we explore the vibrant world of street-side delights that have captured the hearts and palates of Filipinos for generations.

From the exotic allure of Balut at Penoy to the sweet comforts of Banana Cue, each item on this list is a culinary masterpiece. Whether it’s the savory embrace of Siomai or the cool refreshment of Halo Halo, these street foods are more than just snacks – they’re a celebration of Filipino identity. Come, let’s dive into the rich tapestry of tastes that make up the beloved Filipino street food scene.

Balut at Penoy: Experience the thrill of fertilized duck eggs, a Filipino delicacy that’s both daring and delectable.

Siomai (Shumai) 1

Siomai/Japanese Siomai: Delight in these savory dumplings, a street food classic embraced for their taste and convenience.

Binatog: Corn kernels with coconut and salt, a comforting and savory street-side snack.

Manong’s Beef Mami: Warm your heart with this hearty Filipino beef noodle soup, a street food staple.

Hopia/Hopia Dice: Revel in the sweetness of mung bean, red bean or purple yam-filled pastries, a colourful and delightful street treat.

Puto Bumbong 1

Puto Bumbong: Celebrate the holidays with these steamed purple rice cakes, a seasonal delight.

Lumpiang Gulay 1

Lumpiang Gulay: Savor the crunch of vegetable spring rolls, a tasty and nutritious street food choice.

Goto (Ox Tripe Porridge) 1

Goto/Arrozcaldo: Indulge in a warm bowl of rice porridge, a comforting and filling street-side option.

Munggo Ice Candy

Ice Candy: Cool down with these frozen delights in plastic bags, a refreshing street treat.

Pares: Relish the flavourful combination of beef stew and garlic fried rice, a satisfying street food duo.

Sago Samalamig 1

Sago Samalamig: Quench your thirst with this refreshing tapioca pearl drink, a popular choice on the bustling streets.

Pinoy Barbecue 5

Ihaw Ihaw (Pinoy Barbecue, Isaw, etc..): Satisfy your cravings with sizzling delights from street grills, a flavourful and aromatic experience.

Cheese Sticks 1

Cheese Sticks: Indulge in deep-fried cheesy goodness, a crunchy and addictive street food classic.

Fishballs with Special Manong's Sauce 1

Fishballs: Enjoy fish-based bites with sweet or spicy sauce, a common and beloved street-side snack.

Kwek Kwek 1

Kwek Kwek: Delight in quail eggs coated in orange batter, a visually appealing and tasty street treat.

Adobong Mani 2

Adobong Mani: Munch on roasted peanuts with garlic, a flavourful and aromatic street snack.

Iskrambol 1

Iskrambol: Cool off with shaved ice delights, sweet syrups, and condensed milk, perfect for beating the heat.

Kikiam 2

Kikiam: Experience the taste of meat rolls wrapped in bean curd skin, a flavourful and satisfying street food choice.

Bibingka 3

Bibingka: Embrace the festive flavours of baked rice cake wrapped in banana leaves, a popular street food delight.


Maruya: Indulge in banana fritters coated in batter, a sweet and satisfying street treat.

Cheese Ice Cream

Dirty Ice Cream / Sorbetes: Discover artisanal ice cream sold on the streets, offering unique and nostalgic flavours.

Banana Cue

Banana Cue / Kamote Cue: Satisfy your sweet tooth with caramelized bananas or sweet potatoes on sticks, delightful street snacks.

Halo Halo: Immerse yourself in the medley of shaved ice, sweet beans, fruits, and jellies, a colourful and popular street dessert.

Puto Calasiao 2

Puto: Delight in steamed rice cakes, a simple yet flavourful street food choice.

Kutsinta / Black Kutsinta: Enjoy the chewy texture of steamed rice cake, often paired with grated coconut, a classic street treat.


Tokneneng: Crunch on deep-fried quail eggs coated in orange batter, a crunchy and flavourful street delight.

Ukoy: Savor the taste of shrimp fritters with a crispy exterior, a delicious and satisfying street food find.

Karioka 2

Karioka: Treat yourself to sweet coconut balls on sticks, a delightful and portable street treat.

Taho 2

Taho: Comfort yourself with sweet soybean pudding, arnibal (caramelized sugar), and sago pearls, a classic street food drink.

Siopao: Relish in steamed buns filled with savory meat, a filling and flavourful street food option.

Turon 3

Turon: Satisfy your sweet cravings with banana spring rolls, a delightful and portable street treat.

Buko Juice

Buko Juice: Refreshing perfect tropcial drink, a creamy and sweet delight.

As we wrap up this journey through “32 Irresistible Filipino Street Foods to Satisfy Your Cravings,” take these flavours with you. The streets may be miles away, but the memories linger. Until our next adventure, happy eating!


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