Top 36 Filipino Noodle Recipes


I think of all South East and East Asian noodle dishes the Filipino noodles are the most unpopular and I want to change that because like our neighbouring countries we do have a lot of noodle dish to be proud of. Everyone knows the Japanese Ramen, Chinese Chow Mein, Malaysian Kuey Teow, Thailand’s Pad Thai Korean Japchae, Singaporean Laksa and Vietnamese Pho but do you know the Filipino Miki, Mami or Pancit? Well if not here we are showcasing the best of Filipino noodle dishes. While this list is not a complete one and most probably, we just touching the surface of the complete list at least these are the popular variants that the Philippine cuisine can offer.

Most (not all) noodle dishes in Asia would definitely have come from the Chinese, if not fully at least it was inspired by them. It is almost evident in the ingredients, cooking style, as well as the names that it would have originated from China, like the Japanese Ramen which was inspired by the Chinese Lamian or the just the prefixes or suffixes of most noodle dishes like mee or mi which came from mien. Having said that most of the similarity stopped here and each region have made it unique according to the local ingredients that they have on each country.

Now in Philippines those differences are even more exaggerated, with 1700 islands and each island having a different flora and fauna definitely each region back home has their own way of preparing these long strands of carbs that can be either made from wheat starch, pea starch, rice, mung bean, coconut meat and vegetables. Let’s start.



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