Top 36 Filipino Noodle Recipes

Filipino Noodle Soup Recipes

If thick noodles are not your thing then have this list, basically prepared with fine egg noodles that is a sure delight. Again, most of the ones on this list is prepared in soup form a perfect place to rest those thin noodles.

Chicken Mami 1

Chicken Mami – Perhaps the most Chinese dish in this list, originally brought by Ma Mon Luk to the Philippines from China to serve in his restaurant. This dish is prepared by fine egg noodles in a rich chicken broth topped with tons of deep-fried garlic and chopped spring onions then served always with siopao.

Bulalo Mami 1

Bulalo Mami – The beefy version of the above, a cross between bulalo and mami, this thing is one of the best hangover cures.

La Paz Batchoy 1

La Paz Batchoy – If you don’t like chicken or beef then try pork offal and pork cracklings instead

Kinalas 1

Kinalas – Another offal soup dish this time it’s literally face off, yes it’s made with pork face in a starchy brown gravy and of course the noodles.


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