Top 36 Filipino Noodle Recipes

Filipino Thick Egg Noodle Recipes

Now let’s make it hearty, using thick egg noodles is good with a thick starchy gravy or soup. These ones are best eaten during rainy weather, it will surely warm and comfort you.

Abra Miki – Red soupy flat noodle dish served with quail eggs or eggs and crispy grilled pork belly.

Hi-Bol – If above was red this is green because of bile juices. This Ilocano dish is basically a version of pinapaitian served with pancit lusay, a dish that even though uses unused food trimmings and offal

Figs and Toasted Almonds Baked Brie 4

Lomi – Not a fan of offal or colourful soups then stick to this, prepared with thick egg noodles in thick consistency soup with egg swirls topped with prawns, pork, fish balls and vegetables.

Pancit Chami 1

Pancit Chami – Basically the dried version of the above, definitely a noodle with a good bite.


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