20 Filipino Fish Recipes to prepare this Holy Week

It’s the time of the year again when most Filipinos observe the Lenten tradition of abstaining from meat, a time when seafood and vegetables flourish. Most common fish dishes served during this time are the stock standard fried fish or fish sinigang but there are many ways to enjoy this beloved seafood and our compilation below are some good examples of what you can serve next week, from fried to dishes with soup, we got it all covered for you.

Binukadkad na Isda 2

Binukadkad na Isda – This is not your ordinary fried fish, its crispy everywhere, so no more fighting to those crispy edges because there is a lot for everyone

Inihaw na Tuna Belly – Such a classic grilled dish but sometimes missed out, a simple grilled fatty tuna belly drenched in savoury sweet soy sauce.

Salmon Belly Paksiw sa Gata – Another belly dish but with a creamy and spicy kick! Just want to warn you this is addictive.

Cheesy Baked Bangus – Usually this method of cooking is used on salmon but why not bangus, that cheese is perfect with that mild milky earthy bangus flesh.

Tortang Dulong – Crispy on the edges, soft in the middle, this fish omelette is not just for breakfast, in fact its good any time of the day.

Ginataang Lapu Lapu 1

Ginataang Lapu Lapu – One of the best ginataan dishes you will ever make, nuff said!

Tuna Pie – Looking for some meryenda? Well, this one of the few meryenda’s that contain fish.

Piyalam Istah – If you are not from Mindanao, it will be highly unlikely you would know about this delicious fish dish. This Tausug ethnic dish is simply prepared with stewed fish cooked with turmeric, ginger and lemongrass.

Tinapa Fried Rice 1

Tinapa Fried Rice – Smoked fish flakes and eggs over turmeric rice, this is a complete meal on its own.

Snapper in Mango Sauce 1

Snapper in Mango Sauce – Skip that escabeche sauce, sweet and sour sauce or even the black bean sauce. This mango sauce definitely is more superior than those, with is fruity sweet and tangy flavour, it perfectly matches any fried fish you throw at it.

Pinangat na Isda 3

Pinangat na Isda – If sour is your thing, then this is your dish, the sauce is potent enough it will make you sinigang taste bland.

Rellenong Bangus 4

Rellenong Bangus – Preparing this is quite tedious but since you have more time during this period, it is also the perfect time to make this dish.

Pinamalhan Na Bangus 1

Pinamalhan Na Bangus – A dish that combines best of both worlds, the adobo and paksiw, and you know what it means, this is another sour fish dish, just prepare lots of rice with it.

Larang 1

Larang – Chillies, coconut, tomatoes, black beans and sour fruits, this sort of combo is rarely heard off, as weird as it may sound but these flavours work well together.

Inaloban a Isda 1

Inaloban a Isda – Another dish with coconut milk but what’s special in here is that the fish is grilled first giving it that smoky delicious flavour.

Hinanggup 1

Hinanggup – One of the humblest dishes here but it packs a lot of taste, you will be surprised the good flavours you can get with water, tomato, spring onion and salt, off course there is fish and its grilled too.

Inun-unan 1

Inun-unan – Everything most people hate in one dish, okra, bitter gourd, vinegar, chillies and fish but when they happily come in one pot, wonders happen.

Kinunot 1

Kinunot – Is stingray considered a fish, if yes then let’s put it here. A very tasty flaked flat stingers will make you throw that canned tuna you have in your cupboard

Totsong Bangus 1

Totsong Bangus – Twice cooked bangus together with fried tofu on a black bean sauce, good bye diet!

Spicy Tuyo Pasta with Kesong Puti and Sundried Tomatoes 1

Spicy Tuyo Pasta with Kesong Puti and Sundried Tomatoes – Finally this 20 Filipino Fish Recipes to prepare this Holy Week won’t be complete without a pasta dish, a nice fusion dish that grabs its inspiration from the Italians.

There you go, the 20 Filipino Fish Recipes to prepare this Holy Week, what would you prepare?


11 Responses

  1. Whole fish tastes absolutely wonderful when prepared right! These are a great collection of fish recipes, Raymund.

  2. I really love your compilations of Filipino recipes. It really shows the breath of the cuisine. My favorite is the last… The pasta! Definitely will be trying that soon.

  3. suituapui says:

    I love that Filipino fish dish where it is served whole…but all the bones have been removed! I wonder how they do that!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    What a great round up of fish recipes for Lent! Will definitely bookmark since I sometimes get stuck in a rut of what to make on Fridays… usually ends up being the same old salmon haha.

  5. Ooo so many tasty things – hard to pick one. Biut those tuna and salmon belly look particularly good!

  6. sherry M says:

    so many wonderful fishy dishes here raymund. Happy easter to you and yours! and happy fish eating 🙂

  7. Wow, what a great collection of recipes, Raymund! This is a great reminder to break out of the usual mold when it comes to cooking fish. Happy Easter, my friend!

  8. I really like the fish with coconut sauce, I just posted a recipe for Snapper with a zesty sauce from Veracruz, Mexico. That would suit the Lent season (I think)!

  9. mjskitchen says:

    I’ve never heard of most of these fishes, but everyone of them look delicious! Fish is a major disadvantage for living in the desert.

  10. Mimi says:

    Suituapui..the cheesy baked bangus/milkfish are boneless..in our local wet market,you can ask then to clean na fish for you..you also need to tell them that you want a boneless bangus and they’ll do that for you..they are expert in deboning the fish

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