16 Fried Rice Recipes that will make Uncle Roger delighted

I think by now you would have known Uncle Roger, if not, head over to his YouTube channel and see who this guy is and why I am referring him on this post. Uncle Roger became a hit when he grilled Hersha Patel on her BBC Video on how to make egg fried rice. It is funny and that humour did make both of their social network careers skyrocket, at least in the last quarter of this year. If you are an Asian you will understand why Uncle Roger cringes over Auntie Hersha’s egg fried rice procedure, I won’t elaborate on everything but there are some main points that is worth mentioning. First using freshly cooked rice for fried rice and second, is draining the wet cooked rice in colander and running it through tap water. Those things are a no-no in Asian fried rice cooking as it will yield a soggy fried rice.

Today we will be showcasing 16 Fried Rice Recipes that will make Uncle Roger delighted, and none of these recipes call for the Auntie Hersha’s method. Fried rice is very essential to the Asian cuisine, like pasta in Italy where any types of flavours can go with it. Rice is a big part of our culture, we eat this in a day to day basis, and fried rice basically is a product of leftover steamed rice, to give a wonderful second life to the dried up grains that is probably left on your cupboard or fridge for several days.

We will not be just posting some egg fried rice recipes here but a multitude of ways of giving life to that leftover rice. So sit back relax and check out each link below and see what fried rice would suit you.

Egg Fried Rice 1

Egg Fried Rice – Let’s start with the basic, the one that made Uncle Roger and Auntie Hersha popular, egg fried rice. A simple stir fry rice mixed with eggs and spring onions.

Sinangag 1

Sinangag – If egg fried rice is the most basic Chinese Fried rice then this next one is the most basic Filipino fried rice. Breakfasts are not complete in the Philippines without this. A simple fried rice just flavoured with tons of garlic. Best enjoyed with Tapa, Tocino or Longganisa.

Kimchi Fried Rice – Taking about the basics, this one is what the Koreans have in their arsenal. This fried rice is surprisingly delicious, I was hesitant to make this before but after I did, it was a revelation. Another simple fried rice cooked with kimchi.

Bagoong Fried Rice 2

Bagoong Fried Rice – Another basic one in the Filipino fried rice cuisine is this pungent smelling fried rice. Thanks to the fermented shrimp paste, while it smells for many, most Southeast Asians would be familiar with its scent.

Aligue Rice 1

Aligue Rice – Crab fat, that is the main ingredient on this next fried rice. Now you think fried rice is oily, try this one. Not to be consumed on a day to day basis when you have cholesterol problem but once in a while try it. It is so sinful, which means its good.

Omurice 2

Omurice – The Japanese too have their basic version of fried rice, the normal one where they add vegetables and this one, the Omurice. It starts as a fried rice, which is then flavoured with ketchup and dashi before it is wrapped in an omelette that is runny on the inside and solid on the outside. Have you seen videos of this one being served? This perhaps is the most dramatic fried rice in this list of 16 Fried Rice Recipes that will make Uncle Roger delighted.

Tinapa Fried Rice 1

Tinapa Fried Rice – Enough with the basic ones, let’s start adding protein. First with this Filipino fried rice that is loaded with smoked fish, let’s just say this is a full breakfast meal.

Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice – Lets upgrade that prior one with this next item on the list. Made with added salted fish which was rehydrated and chunks of chicken meat. To give it more texture, fresh lettuce is added too.

Prawn Fried Rice

Prawn Fried Rice – Not a fan of fish? Then why not use prawns. This fried rice will definitely be on spot with the prawn lovers out there.

Seafood Fried Rice 1

Seafood Fried Rice – You think prawn is not enough? Well add everything that is edible in the ocean and make this fried rice. Loaded with tons of seafood like prawns, squid, fish and crab. Still picky, feel free to add more of your favourite seafood.

Pineapple Fried Rice 1

Pineapple Fried Rice – How about some fruits in your fried rice. If that is you think, then give this Thai Pineapple fried rice a shot. Prawns, cashews, chillies and pineapples, it’s not just a flavour bomb, its loaded with textures too.

Lechon Fried Rice 2

Lechon Fried Rice – Back to the shores of the Philippine seas, this next fried rice is one of my favourites, why? Just imagine crispy pork mixed on fried rice, what more can you ask for.

Crispy Pork Cheeks and Bacon Fried Rice

Crispy Pork Cheeks and Bacon Fried Rice – Pork, pork and more pork. This fried rice is all about it, crispy pork cheeks then bacon, I don’t even know why this is called fried rice still 🙂

Chorizo Fried Rice 1

Chorizo Fried Rice – If flavour with minimal ingredients is what you are after then this fried rice is for you. Just the chorizos on this thing, gives it enough smoky, savoury, spicy and hot flavour.

Chinese Sausage and Scallion Fried Rice

Chinese Sausage and Scallion Fried Rice – Another sausage fried rice on this list of 16 Fried Rice Recipes that will make Uncle Roger delighted. This time not from any Western country but China. Loaded with Chinese Sausage called Lap Cheong, it’s a total opposite of the Chorizo Fried Rice in terms of flavours, this is one is slightly sweet, Asian aromatic and filled with tons of umami.

Hong Kong Style Baked Pork Chop and Rice 1

Hong Kong Style Baked Pork Chop and Rice – Last on the list and certainly is the best of the bunch. While many might not agree this is not a fried rice due to its toppings, I consider this one as one. It starts its life with an egg fried rice, then topped with some crispy fried breaded pork chops, smothered with some tangy tomato sauce then finished with cheese before baked to golden perfection.

There you go Uncle Roger, hopefully you are happy and found no mistakes in any of the procedures in this recipe. What is your favourite?


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  1. This is a heaven for fried rice lovers!

  2. I do love fried rice, and this post totally gave me some new inspirations! I wasn’t familiar with Uncle Roger, but I’m heading over to YouTube to check out some of his videos now. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Hannah says:

    You can never go wrong with fried rice! All of these creative twists are truly mouth-watering.

  4. Again, a wonderful combination of recipes – something for everyone. I do not know Uncle Roger but am headed over to YouTube for a laugh!

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