25 Easy to Prepare Recipes for Filipino Potluck Party

Elevate your potluck game with this 25 Easy to Prepare Recipes for Filipino Potluck Party! From savory adobo to sweet bibingka, your party just got more delicious. Turn your potluck into a feast! 🎉 Discover easy Filipino recipes that will make your party unforgettable. #PotluckPartyFavorites

Potluck season is here, and Filipino potlucks are legendary! Get ready to impress with these 25 Easy-to-Prepare Recipes that capture the essence of Filipino flavors. From savory delights to sweet treats, your contribution to the party will surely be a hit.

When it comes to Filipino potlucks, there’s a delightful chaos of flavors, with crabs, prawns, and shellfish taking the spotlight. Unlike other potlucks with strict rules or themes, Filipino gatherings embrace variety and abundance. Whether you’re a seasoned potluck enthusiast or a newbie, bringing a dish that’s both familiar and exciting is key to winning hearts.

Navigating a Filipino potluck can be a culinary adventure, so I’ve curated a list of recipes that meet the Filipino palate’s expectations. Each dish not only looks inviting but also boasts flavors reminiscent of Filipino classics. These recipes are not just delicious; they’re easy to prepare, ensuring you spend more time enjoying the festivities than laboring in the kitchen.

To make your potluck contribution stand out, consider these attributes:

  1. Familiar Appearance: A dish that looks recognizable is your marketing strategy—enticing guests to grab a plate.
  2. Delectable Taste: Stick to flavors that resonate with the Filipino palate, ensuring your dish is a crowd-pleaser.
  3. Ease of Preparation: Opt for recipes that are simple to make, with ready-made alternatives available if needed.
  4. Room Temperature Appeal: Since potluck dishes are often served at room temperature, your creation should still be delightful outside the realm of hot or cold.
  5. Uncommon Classics: Choose dishes that are unique yet not common Filipino potluck staples to avoid duplications.
  6. Distinctive Presentation: While some dishes may look similar, each should have its unique touch, standing out amidst the potluck spread.
  7. Ease of Consumption: Ensure your dish is easy to eat, considering Filipino fondness for nibbling on bones.

Now, let’s dive into the six categories that define these delectable potluck offerings.

Handheld Food

Spicy Chicken Gua Bao 2

Spicy Chicken Gua Bao – Fried Chicken and Bao’s are a familiar favourite of the Filipinos, joining them in one dish would be a good idea. Sweetness and softness of the buns together with Savoury Spicy Crunchy Chicken, this is a match made in heaven.

Binondo Style Fresh Lumpia – Looks like Fresh Lumpia but you can handheld them, made with the very wrapper used on deep fried lumpia but no need to cook them. No need for plates on this delicious Filipino Chinese fresh style spring roll

Cheesy Chorizo Sausage Rolls 1

Cheesy Chorizo Sausage Rolls – Chorizo on a flaky pastry that is extra cheesy, this was one of my best sellers on any potlucks I join to.

Asian Style Pulled Pork Sliders 1

Asian Style Pulled Pork Sliders – They look like a burger but with a siopao asado filling, these two or three bite sliders is a crowd pleaser.

Meat and Vegetables

Salina Chicken 1

Salina Chicken – Another best seller on my repertoire, while eggplants and chicken are not commonly combined in the Filipino cuisine, this one look like and “ulam” you want to pair with your rice. It is also slightly sour so Pinoys would love them.

Caponata 1

Caponata – Pinoys will always look for vegetables during these events, this is to offset any fatty food consumed. This dish may look similar to many Pinoys and might think it is a Pinakbet, but with its sour taste notes, it will be another crowd pick for vegetables so double up on the amount.

Lumpiang Pabasa – Now a Filipino dish on the list but its uncommon, this dish is made with stir fried vegetables like jicama, carrots, tofu, sweet potatoes, green beans and cabbage in a sauce made with peanut butter and annatto extract. It’s like Chopseuy but with a Kare Kare taste.

Tinumtuman 2

Tinumtuman – To be honest laing looks like “s#!4#$%!@” but they taste amazing, honestly one of the best Filipino vegetable dishes, now laing may attract a lot of Filipinos but definitely it will fend off others. Now you want to bring something similar but does look better? Make this dish made with sliced bamboo shoots and clams then cooked like laing.

National Meatball Day

Swedish Meatballs aka Ikea Meatballs – Everybody loves meatballs specially the creamy ones, so this is a no brainer.

Salted Egg Pork Belly – Anything deep fried is a crowd pleaser but this one puts it up a notch, pork belly that is lightly breaded then deep fried to a very crispy state then coated with salted egg sauce, OMG!

Pasta and Noodles

Creamy Kimchi Bacon Spaghetti – This will look similar to the Pinoy Spaghetti but once they tried it a nice surprise will hit them, creamy, spicy and savoury Korean surprise. A good pasta to bring now that Filipinos in the last 10 years or so started to like Korean food.

Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan Pasta 1

Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan Pasta – It’s a pasta and a stir-fried noodle, basically a popular fast-food item back in the Philippines that many love. It’s basically a spaghetti stir fried like a Chinese noodle.

Cold Noodles With Sesame Sauce, Egg and Cucumbers 1

Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce, Egg and Cucumbers – Now this dish caught me by surprise and goes well with grilled meats. All you need are thick rice noodles, eggs and cucumber, the secret is in the roasted sesame sauce. It’s like a salad dressing with crack, each mouthful is full of umami even with the tiniest drop of it.

Pancit Choca 2

Pancit Choca – Now you want to bring pancit but be different, then bring this black tinted stir-fried noodle.


Ensaladang Filipino 1

Ensaladang Filipino – This one is a no brainer, everybody loves this.

Japanese Potato Salad 1

Japanese Potato Salad – Potato salad but with a Japanese twist, Pinoys love creamy salads and this one is nothing different.

Surimi Salad

Surimi Salad – Another creamy salad made with surimi and avocadoes

Som Tam

Som Tam – Not everybody loves a creamy salad so you can also bring a spicy savoury sour pungent salad from the Thai cuisine, flavours and ingredients are so close to the Filipino cuisine so I am sure this will be a hit.

Cake and Dessert

Buko Pie 4

Buko Pie – Every Filipino loves a buko pie, but no one brings them on potlucks, so be the first one to do it. Trust me once you put this down in the table there will be names associated on each slice even before the eating starts.

Egg Pie 3

Egg Pie – Same as the above and it’s a crowd favourite too, you will instantly notice because people will start putting this on their plates even though they are still having their mains.

Food for the Gods

Food For the Gods – A forgotten cake back in the 80’s but Filipinos do love them, in fact they give this away to friends and family like what they do with fruitcake now.

Mango Jelly Salad 2

Mango Jelly Salad – Tired of Buko pandan, then this one is the best alternative for it.

Avocado Pistachio Cheesecake – One of my favourite things to bring on potlucks are cheesecake and my most recent flavour was the avocado, certainly a taste near to the Filipino palate.


Red Iced Tea – Lemon iced tea with a pomegranate twist, definitely a thirst quencher on potlucks.

Sangria 2

Sangria – Basically a fun juice! Fruity boozy summer delight.

As you embark on your potluck journey, armed with these 25 Easy-to-Prepare Recipes for Filipino Potluck Party, remember to infuse each dish with the warmth and vibrancy of Filipino flavors. Whether it’s a savory delight or a sweet treat, your contribution will undoubtedly add a memorable touch to the festivities. Happy potluck feasting!

There you go our 25 Easy to Prepare Recipes for Filipino Potluck Party, I had brought these things on potluck parties and all of them was a crowd pleaser, so pick one or two to bring on this list and let us know how it went.


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