39 Ways to Cook Sinigang

The Classics

Sinigang (Pork Stew in Tamarind Broth) 2

In this category you will see the usual sinigang dishes that are cooked in households on a regular basis.

Sinigang na Baboy – Traditional Sinigang that uses pork meat, popular cuts are belly, ribs, backbone (buto buto) and tail (buntot).

Sinigang na Baka (Beef Sinigang) 3

Sinigang na Baka – Traditional Sinigang that uses beef, popular cuts are brisket, ribs, neck bone and backbone (buto buto)
Sinigang na Isda – The fish version where mostly bangus (milkfish) or milkfish belly is used, large fish head as well is popular like tuna, snapper and grouper. For any seafood instead of the usual taro and kangkong, white radish and mustard leaves are used.

Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso 1

Sinigang sa Miso – Similar to the Isda but with an additional ingredient of miso

Sinigang na Hipon 1

Sinigang na Hipon – Another seafood variety but this one uses prawns
Sinampalukang Manok – The chicken version of sinigang



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  1. Leah says:

    Thanks for the excellent post! The versatility of sinigang is the reason why in a recent NY Times article on Filipino food, food historian Doreen Fernandez insists that sinigang is the national dish, not adobo.

  2. Wow very thorough post,a great ultimate guide to sinigang. I am ashamed to say I never had one but I have to try some soon from your list.

  3. Hello there, thank you for including our Sinigang sa Kamias Recipe. More power.

  4. Jacob T says:

    You did great for including that brief background of sinigang. Now I’ll have to try all these ways for myself.

  5. BriBanananahhhaa says:

    This is very very helpful, Thank you.

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