39 Ways to Cook Sinigang

The Others

Those we cant classify goes in this category

Sinigang sa Buko – The usual sinigang cooked with Coconut meat and coconut water

Sinigang sa Ube – This sinigang uses purple yam instead of taro
Kurobuta Pork Sinigang – Most probably the most expensive sinigang dish here where an intensely flavoured Kurobuta pork is used
Seafood Sinigang – A combination of different seafood in a sinigang broth
Tinumis – The only one that does not look like sinigang but tastes like it. A cross between dinuguan and sinigang.
Red Sinigang – Sinigang where Tomato Sauce is used instead of tomatoes

How about you do you have sinigang recipes that you know which we haven’t added to the list?



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  1. Leah says:

    Thanks for the excellent post! The versatility of sinigang is the reason why in a recent NY Times article on Filipino food, food historian Doreen Fernandez insists that sinigang is the national dish, not adobo.

  2. Wow very thorough post,a great ultimate guide to sinigang. I am ashamed to say I never had one but I have to try some soon from your list.

  3. Hello there, thank you for including our Sinigang sa Kamias Recipe. More power.

  4. Jacob T says:

    You did great for including that brief background of sinigang. Now I’ll have to try all these ways for myself.

  5. BriBanananahhhaa says:

    This is very very helpful, Thank you.

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