39 Ways to Cook Sinigang

Alternative Souring Agents and Fruits

Sinigang sa Pakwan 1

Most of the ones on this category does not use tamarind, instead another sour fruit is used as an alternative. If the fruit used is not sour then a bit of tamarind is used to help with the taste, the fruit is just used to enhance the flavour.

Sinigang sa Mangga – Sinigang that uses unripe/green mango
Sinigang sa Kalamansi – Sinigang that uses calamansi, a small citrus fruit that is popular in the Philippines
Sinigang sa Lemon – Similar to kalamansi but mostly used by people overseas who does not have accessibility to kalamansi or tamarind mix
Sinigang sa Kamias – Sinigang that uses a highly acidic very sour and mild sweet tropical fruit called kamias or Averrhoa bilimbi in English
Sinigang sa Santol – Another alternative that uses unripe Santol or Cottonfruit, another sour and sweet tropical fruit.
Sinigang sa Balimbing – Similar to kamias but uses Balimbing or Carambola

Sinigang na Bayabas – Sinigang that uses guava, not the large one but the guava with soft pink insides. This one in particular is not as sour as the others but it gives a mild sweet flavour with a funny texture.
Sinigang na Baboy in Guava and Pineapple – Similar to above but with pineapples
Sinigang sa Pakwan – Another not so sour sinigang but uses tamarind to add a bit of sourness to it, made with watermelon, its main purpose is to replace the water with a sweet alternative
Strawberry Sinigang – Another fruity version that uses strawberries



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  1. Leah says:

    Thanks for the excellent post! The versatility of sinigang is the reason why in a recent NY Times article on Filipino food, food historian Doreen Fernandez insists that sinigang is the national dish, not adobo.

  2. Wow very thorough post,a great ultimate guide to sinigang. I am ashamed to say I never had one but I have to try some soon from your list.

  3. Hello there, thank you for including our Sinigang sa Kamias Recipe. More power.

  4. Jacob T says:

    You did great for including that brief background of sinigang. Now I’ll have to try all these ways for myself.

  5. BriBanananahhhaa says:

    This is very very helpful, Thank you.

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