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Boysenberry and Custard Danish 1 5

Boysenberry and Custard Danish

Several days ago we made something like this but made out of blueberries for today we will be making it with some Boysenberries. Exactly similar procedure, exactly amazing! My daughter can’t get enough of this goodie, specially this Boysenberry and Custard Danish. Before we go on to the recipe Ang...

Blueberry and Custard Danish 1 8

Blueberry and Custard Danish

Sometimes it pays for you to have some frozen puff pastry in the freezer, all you need is some jam and custard and you’re on your way to a really good but simple freshly baked Danish pastry. You can also use fresh fruits or even savoury ingredients like vegetables and...

Peach and Custard Danish Pastry 6

Peach and Custard Danish Pastry

Last Monday it was Labour Day here in New Zealand and its was our time to have a rest after having a short trip up North in Whangarei so I was a bit lazy in doing some cooking but were hungry and its tea time.  So I desperately looked inside...