Scandic Copenhagen Breakfast Buffet (Copenhagen, Denmark)

This was our first breakfast in the Scandinavian region and it did not fail us. We arrived in Copenhagen a day before this breakfast, it was noontime and the weather what S#!+3, we managed to see a little bit of Copenhagen like Nyhavn, Amalienborg and The Little Mermaid but most of the evening we had stayed in the hotel as it was drenching wet outside. The next day came in and the sun was out and to start our day we had a lovely breakfast, a day two to our Scandinavian tour. The day started beautifully with this breakfast, we also had a good night sleep, good beds and clean room. We slept early and work up early, so we were the first ones to be in the restaurant. The place was huge, lots of seating and tons of options, so don’t worry if you will ever run out of food or tables if you came late, there is a lot for everyone.

Now with the breakfast options, let’s start with the usual hotel offering of sausage, potatoes, baked beans and scrambled eggs (which came with two options, with or without bacon). Pretty standard stuff but the sausages here are amazing, in fact that hold true in most of Western and Northern Europe where they are serious with their sausages.

Then you have the cheese options where you are free to slice however thick you want from a whole block of Riberhus Mellemlagret Danbo/Cheese 16%, a type of semi-soft, aged cow’s milk cheese. It is an extremely mild and considered a cheese for children and those sensitive to a matured cheese taste, so this is a really good cheese for breakfast. There are also other cheese options that I haven’t taken a picture off apart from the Brie, plus you have Pickled Herring as well as pickles.

There are also several cold cuts like bacon, chorizo, salami, turkey breast, ham, pate and some salad ingredients. There are also different yoghurt varieties that I never had tried in my life like Skyr. Jams/marmalades like strawberry, apricot, orange and others were also present, one thing to take note on this is that all of them did not come from a jar which I guess is house made in their kitchen.

Cereal condiments as well was present where you can have options like raisins, banana chips, dried cranberries, coconut chips, mixed nuts and fruits, prunes, linseeds, crushed rye, sunflower seeds, as well as flaked almonds. In which you can enjoy then with muesli, cornflakes, oat bran, Special K-Red Berry and all bran flakes.

Danishes, breads and other pastries were also present as well as some crepes that you can enjoy with some jam, Nutella and or chocolate syrup.

There are certainly new things that I tried in here, some I don’t like (it’s an acquired taste sorry) but some I do love. For those who have special dietary requirements don’t worry, they have allergy friendly breakfast options with gluten and lactose-free products, as well as vegan and vegetarian options available.

Coffee was great as well and they are proud to let its patrons know that it is Fairtrade™ and/or UTZ Good Origin certified.

Now that we started the day right, it’s time to tackle the busy day ahead where we will be using the purple line (Colourful Copenhagen Tour Hop On – Hop Off) and see Stroget, Christianshavn, Chritiania Freetown, The Opera and Reffen.

Scandic Copenhagen
Address: Vester Søgade 6, 1601 København, Denmark
Phone: +45 33 14 35 35


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