Skipperkroen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

This is where I had my first legit Danish food experience and its located in the heart of Nyhavn, one of those unplanned visits because the time we were here the rain poured heavily on us so we just scrambled and looked for the nearest place from where we are standing and it happened to be Skipperkroen.

Located exactly in between Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavnsbroen, this place is very accessible and hard to miss. They have two areas one Al Fresco which is heated and one inside, initially I thought of doing of Al Fresco, but the rain goes in between those large umbrellas so we sat inside. It was not as warm as there was no heating inside but it not that cold either, just nearly above the right temperature.

It was quite a late lunch as we have to view the Danish Royal Guard march from Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg Palace where the Changing of the Guard ceremony happens. This ceremony takes place with the guard leaving Rosenborg Castle at 11:30 to arrive at Amalienborg Palace for the ceremony at noon time, we then viewed 15 minutes of the ceremony then we have to walk from Amalienborg Palace to Nyhavn which takes around 10 minutes on a leisurely walk, so we were here around 1:00 PM.

As we grabbed the menu, I already started liking it, most of them were seafood and it’s just logical to have it, it one of their main produce in Denmark. Without thinking twice, we grabbed their chef recommendation Lunch Plates.

We grabbed the bigger serving one called Fish Plate (Kr 169.00) which consists of 4 open sandwiches: Marinated herring Topped with pickled red onions, shrimps with lemon and dill dressing, Fried fillet of plaice with remoulade and lemon then Smoked salmon with dill dressing. It was served with Mixed salad, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, organic butter, homemade rye bread and sourdough bread.

We also had the Fish ‘n Chips (Kr 135.00), a dish of fried cod with garnish, French fries and remoulade.

And if it’s not yet enough seafood we also had Mussels steamed in white wine, herbs and cream (Kr. 138.00) served with French fries (Additional Kr 30.00).

Fried stuff was good, no doubt about it. The bread selection was great as well. The mussels, well if I never knew New Zealand mussels then this is good but the mussels, we have in New Zealand is much more superior. The cream sauce was amazing, so we ended up dipping our bread in there.

What I did not like is I guess what everyone would not like as well, the Marinated herring, it’s an acquired taste, the texture is funny which deactivated my taste buds, it was not a good feeling in my mouth (sorry Danes), it’s like making the Danes like our own fermented dish called bagoong.

Overall it was OK, it was what I expected, fish was fresh don’t get me wrong but as an Asian who grew up with bold flavours it was not as special as it would be. Service was great, place was clean, do I recommend it? Well if you love to try Scandinavian food, this can be a good first time for you.

Address: Nyhavn 27, 1051 København, Denmark
Phone: +45 33 11 99 06


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