Emmerys (Copenhagen, Denmark)

When in Denmark don’t miss the Danish Pastries and breads they are awesome here, it should be as they were created here. While most of their breads are hard to read and pronounce you can just easily point what you want if you happen to pass by some bakery like we did.

After our visit from the Tivoli Gardens we headed back to our hotel and along the way we passed by this place called Emmerys Organic Bakery & Coffee, those bread on display just kept calling us every day which we had ignored for the past two days. This time we lost, and it definitely got our attention, I think because during this time we were a bit hungry, unlike the other times where we just came out from dinner. It’s quite a high-end looking bakery and coffee shop, spacious, clean and their offering was amazing, a lot of selection to choose from but it’s quite pricey (but isn’t that true for the whole of Copenhagen).

To give you an idea of the price a loaf of bread costs Kr 45.00 which is equivalent to NZ$ 10.50, and for that price I can have 3 or 4 loaves of bread of good quality back home. A piece of croissant costs Kr 22.00 which equates to NZ$ 5.00, at that price I will have a pack of 6-8 croissants here in New Zealand.

We tried different sorts of bread, and just the bread alone is good enough, no need for butter, jams, cheese or hams. The coffee was great as well specially with the chocolate croissants. I wish we tried it on the first few days, anyways we did take home some packed breads and brought it to our trip so we can enjoy it for the days coming. Next on the itinerary was a short cruise to Oslo, bread was more expensive in cruise ships, so I think it was a good move.

And yes, the breads we had lasted for two days and it was still good as the day we bought it.

Address: Ved Vesterport 3, 1612 København, Denmark
Phone: +45 51 85 76 90
Website: http://emmerys.dk/


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