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Locro 1


Locro is a winter stew dish of corn, beans, potato, pumpkin and beef, considered as one of the national dishes of South American countries that Andes Ranges spans into like Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. This is one of those dishes that is very hard to recreate out of South...

Chicharon 3


Chicharon, one of the best yet deadly snacks in the Philippines. Now why deadly? Because this dish/snack is made out of deep fried pork rinds but sometimes beef, Buffalo or chicken skin can be used, which means its high in cholesterol.  Now why best? Because it tastes so good, it’s...

Chinks (Chicken Skin Chicharon) 2

Chinks (Chicken Skin Chicharon)

Chinks or Chicken Skin Chicharon is one of the guilty pleasure snacks in the Philippines, I said guilty pleasure as this snack is very high in cholesterol and fat. The word Chicharon came from a popular Spanish snack called Chicharron (double r) which is made of fried pork skin.  Due...