Kodur’s Kitchen (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Another quick review peeps! This time with this small takeaway restaurant in Hamilton. Unlike Auckland, Hamilton won’t have a lot of late night food options especially when you are in the suburbs but luckily there are this places like our restaurant for today where it is a cross between a takeaway shop and a restaurant where they have few tables for you to dine in if in case you don’t want to take the food back to your home. We came here not too late but late enough for some shops to be closed, plus we are in the suburbs and don’t want to travel downtown just to get some dinner, which brings us to Kodur’s.

This Indian takeaway may look small, but they have seats for probably around 8 to 10 people. They also have a really wide variety of food on offer which is shown on the many menu photos on their walls like burgers, fish and chips, tons of Indian curry choices, dosa, Chinese and Asian dishes even shakes, coffee and smoothies. Honestly this is the type of menu I never appreciate, it gives me the stress as there are tons of choices, most of the time when I am presented with these options, I usually choose the wrong ones. I really like those restaurants who have just one option for each protein type, giving you at most 5 options for mains but well we are here all we need to do is choose and move on.

So for our quick dinner fix since this is a takeaway shop it’s just right to get some fish and chips, so we grabbed this Family Pack (NZ$27.00, if I can remember correctly) where it contains 6 pcs of battered Fish, 4 battered Hotdogs, 6 potato fritters and $4.00 chips. It was a big order; I never knew it would be as this big. I love the batter, it was so crispy, a bit light and airy, it went well with the hotdogs and the fish. I just found it under seasoned so you will need to ask for some extra salt if you order this one. The ketchup drizzled on top is not enough so you have to ask for extra which costs $1.00 per small tub, it would be better to buy a whole container in the nearby supermarket as you will need more than one small tub, I reckon at least 5 or 6 will do with the amount of food that we ordered.

It does not stop there, we also ordered Chicken Fried Noodles (NZ$13.50), which looked really weird, at least for us. The noodles are short, looks like they cut them, the vegetables used was quite different too where they included peas, corn and green beans sliced in small sections. Chicken was quite odd too as they were the flaked kind rather than the velveted that I am used with Asian noodle stir fries. Having said that, while I may look a bit different, where it lacks in the beauty department, it gained in the area of taste, it was good, well-seasoned, not too salty, not to oily, it’s just a stir fried noodle dish done in a good way.

We never thought of getting the curries but after looking at some residents who look like regulars, that was mostly what they order, it is an Indian takeaway after all. I just wish we can have the opportunity of coming back here again because that’s what were going to order the next time around, we are here.

Address: 20 Clyde Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216
Phone: +647 856 5963
Website: https://www.kodurskitchenmulticuisine.co.nz/


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  1. Those fried stuff look good :-) So crispy and I bet they are addictive.

  2. suituapui says:

    The noodles look good, could do with a bit of presentation but they do look delicious.

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