The Plumm Cafe (North Shore City, New Zealand)

It’s been quite some time since we last visited a cafe for a brunch, the last one was not even in Auckland and it was in Taupo at Dixie Browns when we had a short staycation and that was eight months ago, then the pandemic hits us. It was a long wait and we are mostly confined within our bubble and with New Zealand alert levels going up and down, we don’t have a choice but to stay at home and make everyone safe but if alert levels go down where it is possible to dine out, we do grab that chance since the situation may change at any time.

During the time of this visit we were at Level 2.5 where we can dine out again, this visit was unplanned since we just visited Takapuna Sunday market, but we did not fancy anything from there. We then checked Zomato if there are cafe’s around us that we haven’t tried yet and we saw this place, The Plumm Cafe. Located near Bruce Mason theatre it was a short stroll from the Takapuna parking lot where the Market is situated.

Initially it was not easy to find as there are no large visible signage that says The Plumm Cafe and the frontage was quite small. Upon entering, we were lucky there was an empty table even though the place was really packed. We then took the liberty of getting that table and menus were handed over to us. Pricing was all right, averaging NZ$20.00 a pop. Then we ordered, three different items, hot drinks and a smoothie. As we wait for our food, we were wondering why there was a lot of people that was paying over the counter, but we haven’t seen them seated in the tables near us. From where we are seated, I guess it can only take 20 people max plus around 10 on the al fresco dining.

The wait was quite long, and I kept on looking at the kitchen, every time they finish a plate, I thought it was for our table. Those plates that I was eyeing on never came out in the kitchen, so I was perplexed. I then checked outside, if they have another location they send this too, and indeed there was, there was a very discreet alleyway with a small green arrow direction from the ceiling, I did followed it and I was surprised, they have a large garden courtyard at the back and it was packed. Now that’s the reason why the plates that was prepared from the kitchen keeps disappearing, they were sending it here.

It was a long wait for our order, we ordered around 11:11 AM and the food arrived at 11:51 AM, drinks though was fast, and it was with us around 11:19 AM. Luckily were not that hungry yet otherwise this review would have a different result.

When our order arrived the first impressions was good, they are all pretty and plated really well. But how was the taste?

First order was the Plumm Bene (NZ$20.00), served with two poached eggs, baby spinach tossed in garlic butter, hollandaise, served on corn fritter and organic hash brown, with beetroot puree and bacon. There are a lot of elements in this plate, an array of textures and flavours that complement each other. Eggs were perfectly poached, spinach was tasty, and the corn fritters was amazing, so far so good.

Then we had this Mallow Blueberry Hotcake (NZ$19.00), served with Puffed Blueberry hotcakes, marshmallows, house-made organic berry compote, fresh seasonal fruits, freeze dried berries, mascarpone, maple syrup. This thing was pretty, really pretty, colours on the plate was vibrant. Hotcakes was very fluffy and light but don’t be deceived, this plate is quite filling.

Finally we had this Charcoal Waffle with Fried Chicken (NZ$21.00), basically it was a Charcoal waffle and crispy fried chicken, house-made coke sauce, maple syrup and kimchi. This was our favourite, the chicken was very crispy and very juicy, it was made with chicken breast but it did not feel or taste like it, it was seasoned really well very savoury which perfectly paired with the maple syrup on that Charcoal waffle, the kimchi looks like an odd flavour but this brightened up the whole meal, this was simply phenomenal and fair to say worth the wait. If I am going back here, it is because of this dish.

We enjoyed our meals with Black Coffee (NZ$4.00), Hot Chocolate (NZ$4.50) and Berrieos Smoothie (NZ$9.00) made with Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Goji berry, Honey, Apple Juice and Soy Milk. The coffee was spot on, I just forgot what beans they did use, and the smoothie was delicious.

Overall we enjoyed the experience here, apart from the wait of course. Like I said if we were hungry and the food was not great then it would be a totally different review. I will recommend this place just because the food was awesome!

The Plumm Cafe
Address: 170 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
Phone: +649 489 5563

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  1. The plating looks nice…glad that you have enjoyed the food!

  2. suituapui says:

    Looks like everything was worth the wait!

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