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Who says deals from deal sites are not good, well I am one of those because I had several not so good experiences with it where dishes are stripped down of ingredients that are on the full price or serving size is trimmed down? But not all of them are like that, especially with my recent experience with Madam Woo. Before New Zealand’s lockdown we were here and splurged a little bit with my team which costed us around north of 2.5G’s so I have an idea if the price is special whether they stripped down on serving size or ingredients.

We had a Grab One special for this visit, and it only costs $40.00 for two people for a Lunch Banquet for Two People instead of $70.00 where it can be used any day of the week. In this special you have the options as indicated on the Lunch Special menu on the photo.

It was a good selection and some of them we already had tried on previous visits.

We had chosen Five Spice Fried Chicken and Prawn, Coriander & Ginger Dumplings for our entree. We also had the Malaysian Fish Curry for the mains which we chose to be served with Wok Fried Greens.

We also ordered an extra Hawker roll of Pulled Sticky Pork braised in Madam’s sticky sauce with pickled cucumber which is wrapped on a flaky roti canai.

So how was it? While I think the photos don’t do justice as they look like small portions, we were full, in fact we took home some of the curry and the wok fried greens. Flavours was still the same as expected, the Five Spice Fried Chicken was gorgeous, crispy on the outside and juicy insides. The Prawn, Coriander & Ginger Dumplings was great too.

The best of the bunch was the Malaysian Fish Curry made with market fish (I think it was hapuka), tomato sambal, tamarind, lime leaf and coriander. It was perfectly spiced, not to spicy, just a mild zing on your tongue to activate your palate every bite. There were a lot of fish on that dish, more than enough for two people.

The Wok Fried Greens was surprising as well, luckily, we did not choose the woo salad because this one goes really well with our order, slightly bitter but in a really good way.

And for the Hawker roll, this too was good, in fact the serving size was good enough for one hungry person, slight zing from the chillies and the pulled pork on the sweet and savoury sauce was the perfect filling for that roti.

So there you go, some Grab One Specials can be good and this is one great example of it. Nothing really changed from the serving size and ingredients, it’s the same quality you get from paying in full and what’s important of all is that the service was fantastic too. Most restaurants are using this avenue of Grab One to bring back customers to dine in, specially nowadays they were hit badly by this pandemic, getting these deals is not just good for your budget at the same time you are helping these business to thrive back and rebound after this mess that is COVID.

Madam Woo
Address: 486 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
Phone: +649 489 4601

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  1. That looks like a really yummy meal! The Hawker roll is my favourite 🙂

  2. suituapui says:

    Interesting way of serving roti canai!

  3. This sounds like a delicious meal! I agree that covid has really caused trouble in the restaurant industry – we’ve seen many of the same sales here, too. Things are getting better, but we’re also heading into the colder part of the year, and indoor dining is not allowed. We shall see. I’ve also noticed restaurants changing portion sizes in order to do the special rates. Glad to hear that Madam Woo was true to their menu!

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