Top 22 Filipino Salad Recipes

In Asia salad has a whole new different meaning and I grew up with that definition, it’s quite hard to explain but let me give you this scenario. Americans love their salad as a precursor to the main meal and at the very least it is served alongside the main course, Europeans on the other hand enjoys their salad after dinner where they consider is as a palate cleanser and digestion aid before the cheese or dessert course, but Asians do it differently where it can be eaten any time within the course depending on what type of salad it is. In reality Asian cuisine does not have a real salad course but raw and cooked veggies frequently serve as a meal starter, which then defines salad in Asia as small amount of dressed or pickled dish that is not hot served as a side dish, mains or dessert. I did not even encounter an Asian salad that is eaten before the main course. Have you?

Philippines follow the same rules like most of Asia where we eat salads on certain parts of the meal depending on the type of salad. Most of Philippine salads are served as a side dish, where most of them are sour and act as a palate cleanser every bite of that grilled or fried protein like meat and fish, it also acts as a filler to add more volume to the food making you take less protein which is good for families on a tight budget and some as desserts or even drinks.

Like I mentioned salads are not popular hence we don’t have a lot of recipes but I have listed 22 of the things and here they are:



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  1. Ranjit says:

    Thank you very much for the wonderful recipes. Enjoyed how you classified the salads and the superb photography. Brought back memories of working in Manila.
    Thank you again and best wishes.

  2. Ian says:

    All indeed now is a nice Filipino lady to make for me.

  3. Joan says:

    thank you for sharing local concepts of salads for students easy and adaptable way in learning by going local.

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