Top 22 Filipino Salad Recipes

Warm and Cooked

Those salads that are cooked with some raw ingredients and yes mostly dressed with vinegar.

Ensaladang Filipino 1

Ensaladang Filipino – A mix of everything, eggplant, mango, onions and tomatoes

Ensaladang Kangkong – Mildly blanched water spinach in bagoong

Warm Okra and Tomato Salad

Ensaladang Okra – Blanched or grilled okra served with tomatoes and bagoong

Ensaladang Talong 1

Ensaladang Talong – Blanched or grilled eggplant served with tomatoes and bagoong

Tinapa Flakes, Salted Duck Egg and Tomato 2

Ensaladang Tinapa – Flaked smoked fish called tinapa served with salted duck egg and tomato. It can be a meal on its own, just add rice.

Figs and Toasted Almonds Baked Brie 2

Kangkong with Bagoong – Another all-time favourite this time its simple balanced kang kong with bagoong

Kinilnat – Ilocanos love vegetable, and you can see it on their famous salad which include the shoots and leaves of the sweet potato and bitter melon, shoots and the fruits of the string bean, and horseradish tree leaves and blossoms, taro, cabbage, blossoms of the West-Indian pea, and winged beans, fern shoots, or other various vegetables.



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