Top 22 Filipino Salad Recipes


Yes, we do have dessert salads, mostly a mix of different fruits or tropical ingredients but some have macaroni pasta and cheese. A good way to finish a nice Filipino meal.

Buko Pandan 1

Buko Pandan – Young coconut strips, pandan jelly and nata de coco, this is one of the reasons why you would go to a Filipino birthday party.

Buko Salad 2

Buko Salad – Very popular on special occasions this is a sweet salad of coconut strips, nata de coco, kaong and tropical fruits dressed on condensed milk and cream

Filipino Fruit Salad 1

Filipino Fruit Salad – Similar to above but using fruit cocktail in can

Filipino Sweet Macaroni Salad – Similar to buko salad but instead of buko, macaroni is used

Salad Drink 2

Salad Drink – Another similar to buko salad but this one you can drink! Go figure.



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