Top 22 Filipino Salad Recipes

Cold and Raw

Most of the ones on this category are either raw or served cold, most will be pickled as Filipinos love the sour flavour, which makes sense on a tropical country as it gives that fresh taste.

Atchara (Pickled Green Papaya) 1

Atchara – Pickled young green papaya shreds with carrots, chillies and raisins

Ensaladang Amplaya – Raw ampalaya sliced thinly served on vinegar

Salted Duck Eggs and Tomato Salad 1

Ensaladang Itlog na Maalat – The most popular side salad on this list, a simple salted duck eggs and tomato combo

Ensaladang Labanos with Alamang 1

Ensaladang Labanos – Thinly sliced radish in spiced vinegar

Ensaladang Lato – Seaweeds, bagoong, tomatoes and onions, it can’t be fishier than this.

Ensaladang Mangga 2

Ensaladang Mangga – It can be a snack or a side salad, this tops the list of the Filipino favourites, slightly raw, slightly ripe mangoes, sweet and sour served with vinegar

Cucumber and Tomato Salad 1

Ensaladang Pipino – A simple cucumber and tomato salad, again in vinegar



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