Miss Moonshines (Auckland, New Zealand)

We dined in here on a lunch time and we ordered most of what’s on the menu to try basically everything, there’s too much food we don’t have any more space for desserts, well there is always a next time. Miss Moonshines is located in Ponsonby just a road away from the popular Ponsonby Central, on the premises there are only two establishments this one and The Street Food Collective (will be trying this next).

As we enter the place there’s not much diners compared to when I saw this at night so the place literally is more for us and a few patrons, it was my first time so I don’t know what to expect, luckily the waiter was very helpful specially in explaining the dishes. As we seated I immediately saw the condiments where there’s 3 different chilli sauce and one it them says “FxCkK ME THAT’S HOT SAUCE” that instantly gave me a sign that I will be up for something.

Ms Moonshines 01

As we sift through the menu the waiter gladly help us choose what to grab, he was so good we nearly ordered 2 or 3 of almost everything on the menu.

Ms Moonshines 02

We started with some beers and this Jalapeno poppers ($12.00), which are jalapeno peppers filled with cheese (if I can remember) wrapped in bacon. Well I guess nothing can go wrong with that, in fact it perfectly matches my ice cold beer. It’s a really nice appetizer to start with.

Ms Moonshines 3

Next appetizer was Buttermilk Fried Chicken served with Avocado Cucumber ranch ($17.00), the chicken was so juicy inside and crispy outside it goes perfectly with the dip it was served with. The cucumber ranch along with the cilantro gave that fresh finish to the fried concoction.

Ms Moonshines 04

Now some salads, first us was the Market Fish Ceviche with Mango and Baby Cos Gems ($16.00), this was so good I don’t even realize the fish was raw, it’s so fresh so there is no fishy taste and it was well seasoned

Ms Moonshines 09

Then come this Pork Belly Taco Salad ($19.00), it was quite a change as most of the first orders have that Tex Mex style flavours then come this which is like an Asian and Mexican fusion, the pork belly was melt in your mouth, the fat just dissolves with the tender meat along with the creamy dressing, fresh greens and crispy nachos it was a combination of amazing flavours and textures.

Ms Moonshines 10

Then comes with Orange Mint Slaw ($6.00), nothing much special here a slaw is a slaw but if I am comparing this with other slaws its way much better the fruity edge of the orange just makes it better. Since I am already spoiled with the great dishes earlier this just became dull.

Ms Moonshines 11

Now the mains and sides arrived, let’s start with this Summer Vege’s ($9.00) which is basically asparagus served with cream lemon sauce, we also have Pig Tail Fries with Bobby John and Aioli ($8.00), not sure what that Bobby John is, that’s what’s written on the menu, anyways this is your normal curly fries served with tomato sauce and some garlic infused mayonnaise.

Ms Moonshines 07

Ms Moonshines 08

Now were nearly full and food is still flowing in like this Moonshine’s 3 meat sausage served with Broccoli, Ox Heart Tomato and Crispy Shallots, the sausages for me tasted like a type of fresh chorizo, its spicy but not overpowering in flavour so you can eat them like a normal New Zealand sausage.

Ms Moonshines 06

Finally the star of all, the Beef Short Ribs served with Pickled Red Cabbage and Fine Herb Sauce, I can say this is the best ribs I tried so far in Auckland, it is seasoned really well and the texture was amazing, fall of the bone like the Brazilian churrascaria. It’s so good I have to eat everything in the plate including the small crispy bits and pieces. I know the picture below does not give justice but trust me they were amazing.

Ms Moonshines 05

At the end of the meal we don’t have enough room for a dessert or even a drink, everything was nice, the food, the place even the servers. A place to recommend and definitely I will be coming back to try those I haven’t tasted.

Miss Moonshines  
Address: 3/130 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011
Phone: +649-360 4075
Website: http://www.missmoonshines.com/

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4 Responses

  1. suituapui says:

    Oh my!!!! I would gorge myself with all those beautiess too…leaving no room for dessert, just like you! Awesome, gorgeous looking fare!

  2. kitchenriffs says:

    Sounds like my kind of place! I love hot sauces, so you know which one I’d try. :-)

  3. Everything, I say everything, look absolutely superb but the ribs really caught my eyes. NZ, why would you have to be so far away from me?

  4. Totally did NOT hit up this joint when I was in Auckland for 10 days!!! My friend and I cooked at her apartment a lot, but man, I am now wishing we went out more!

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