Cooking for a Team Building Activity

Cooking for a Team Building Activity is a great activity for those departmental teams in corporate scenarios, its not just fun but you will definitely learn a lot.

A couple of years ago we had a similar team building activity in the same beautiful location of Matakana. There we rented some baches complete with kitchen and cooking equipment. Now this team building activity is happening again but there will be no winners, just a pure fun activity where everybody participates in creating a wonderful dinner for everyone. Like before everybody draw lots to know what course they will be assigned with and like before me and my team got the mains.

Everyone is given a $250 budget to feed 14 people from our department and here is what everyone had prepared. There were 5 teams (3 members each): Entree 1, Entree 2, Mains 1, Mains 2 and Dessert. So the concept is that we start eating from 6:00 till late and we will consume the dishes on the bach of the team who prepared them.

Let’s start with Entree 1, what they prepared was Nachos and it is paired with lots of Corona beer. It is made with nacho chips served with chilli, guacamole, sour cream, melted cheese and cilantro. It was good and I feel like I was in a pub with all of those beer, I think I will retire early.

Team Cooking 1

Next up was Entree 2, it was a bit of a teaser as we were not allowed into the bach as they were preparing something. We waited outside while holding our beers but after 10 minutes we were summoned. As we go inside the bach we were greeted with a Kill Bill soundtrack and were handed over some sweet wine that will accompany the entree they prepared. It was Salmon Sashimi with wasabi mayonnaise, capers and watercress it was delicious, amazingly delicious!

Team Cooking 4

Next up was our Mexican Mains and it was hard preparing this as we prepared lots and we prepared three different items. First was the pulled pork tacos served with radish and avocadoes.

Team Cooking 5

Next was Fish tacos with mangoes and jalapeno.

Team Cooking 6

Then Grilled chicken marinated in lemon, green chillies and mint served with grilled asparagus and grilled corn.

At this stage all of us are starting to get full as we prepared lots of food for a few.

Team Cooking 7

Next is Mains 2, where they prepared something amazing as well.

Team Cooking 2

What they served was this salt and herb crusted rib eye fillet. They prepared it by mixing loads of salt mixed with flour and a bit of water, it is then grilled then cracked open and served with béarnaise sauce. This was delicious and don’t let the salt intimidate you as it is just used for the crust where the meat is cooked, the result is perfectly juicy, tender and seasoned really well.

Team Cooking 3

Team Cooking 8

Finally as our tummies is near its explosion point we go to the dessert. What was served was this mini banoffee pies and golden kiwi Pavlovas. It’s nice we have something light for dessert because we are all stuffed up at this stage. Dessert is equally as nice.

Team Cooking 9

Overall I think we don’t need any restaurant at all as the dished prepared were really impressive, I think we can all leave our IT jobs and just open a restaurant.

Team Cooking 10


4 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Was amazing food, so glad to be part of it with such an awesome team and great cooks

  2. Kristy says:

    What a fun work event! I would definitely be full after this. It all looks great!

  3. cquek says:

    This dish looks exquisite!

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