San Marco Trattoria & Bar (Glenfield, North Shore City, New Zealand)

Indulge in Italian-Mediterranean delights at San Marco Trattoria & Bar, Glenfield. Despite delays, the culinary expertise and sincere service shine through.  🍝 Discovering Italian-Mediterranean bliss at #SanMarcoTrattoria dining here is truly an unforgettable experience! 🍕✨

San Marco Trattoria & Bar, nestled in Glenfield, offers a tantalizing blend of Italian cuisine and Mediterranean delights. Upon entering, the spacious and modern ambiance welcomes you, adorned with a prominent pizza oven and a delightful display of Mediterranean and Italian goodies.

My first encounter with San Marco was impromptu, spurred by a Facebook community buzz about their delectable pizzas and pastas. Upon our arrival at San Marco Trattoria & Bar, the vibrant atmosphere and the promise of tantalizing Italian-Mediterranean cuisine greeted us warmly. Eager to delve into the culinary delights, we settled in, excited for a memorable dining experience.

However, our anticipation soon turned to disappointment as minutes turned into an unexpectedly prolonged wait for our orders to arrive. Despite observing other tables receiving their meals promptly, our dishes seemed to be delayed. As the minutes stretched into nearly an hour, frustration began to simmer beneath the surface.

Amidst the bustling restaurant, our patience waned, and we couldn’t help but wonder if our orders had been forgotten amidst the flurry of activity. A sense of unease crept in as we watched other diners, who arrived after us, being served their meals promptly.

Feeling disheartened by the lengthy wait, we mustered the courage to address the issue with the staff. Expressing our concerns, we highlighted the considerable delay and the discrepancy in service compared to other patrons. The response from the staff was apologetic yet reassuring, acknowledging the oversight, and promising to rectify the situation.

Despite the initial setback, the sincerity of the staff’s apologies and their efforts to make amends did not go unnoticed. Their commitment to ensuring our satisfaction, including offering complimentary meals, helped alleviate some of our frustrations. It was evident that they were genuinely remorseful for the inconvenience caused and were dedicated to providing a positive dining experience. The gesture of providing our meals free of charge underscored their commitment to customer satisfaction and went a long way in restoring our confidence in their service.

As we finally savoured our meals, the flavours spoke volumes, highlighting the culinary expertise of the kitchen. Each bite of the aromatic Lardo Toscano and the sumptuous Pappardelle ai porcini e stracciatella served as a reminder of the restaurant’s potential.

The Lardo Toscano (NZ$20.00 )was our delectable starter, it featured aromatic lard paired with the rich sweetness of manuka honey. Served alongside crispy bread, each bite offered a perfect balance of savory and sweet flavours. The lardo, delicately seasoned and expertly prepared, melted in the mouth, leaving behind a lingering satisfaction that set the stage for the rest of the meal.

Pappardelle ai Porcini e Stracciatella (NZ$32.00) was our pasta of choice. The homemade Brescia-style pork sausage was the star of this pasta dish, accompanied by trifolati mushrooms and luxurious stracciatella cheese. The pappardelle, delicately thin yet robust, provided the perfect canvas for the creamy sauce and savory sausage. Each forkful delivered a symphony of flavours, from the earthy richness of the mushrooms to the indulgent creaminess of the cheese, leaving a lasting impression of culinary excellence.

And for the pizza we had Prosciutto & Funghi Pizza (NZ$28.00). While the pizza dough was undeniably authentic, with its perfect balance of crispiness and chewiness, the toppings fell short of expectations. The oven-roasted mushrooms, though flavourful, seemed disappointingly canned, a surprising choice given the abundance of fresh mushrooms available in New Zealand. Similarly, the prosciutto resembled more of a ham, lacking the expected delicate flavour and texture. However, with a generous sprinkle of table salt, the pizza became more palatable, though it still lacked the nuanced seasoning one would anticipate. Despite these shortcomings, the pizza’s base was undeniably well-crafted, serving as a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to authenticity and tradition.

While the long wait tested our patience, the exemplary response from the staff and the delectable dishes ultimately salvaged the dining experience. It was a lesson learned for both diners and restaurant alike, underscoring the importance of efficient service and effective communication in delivering a memorable dining experience.

San Marco Trattoria & Bar
Address: 231 Archers Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627, New Zealand
Phone: +649 216 7163


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  1. Hannah says:

    What a bummer about the initial service, but it sounds like they’re trying to do it right. Good save! The food looks worthwhile at least.

  2. It’s always good when a restaurant corrects their mistakes. Granted, those mistakes should never have occurred in the first place, but at least they were corrected. And that mushroom + stracciatella cheese pasta dish sounds fantastic!

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