Oceans 7 (Suva, Fiji)

During our cruise vacation, one of our stops led us to the bustling city of Suva. Keen to experience local flavours, we found ourselves in the heart of TappooCity, where the top-floor food court housed an array of exciting eateries. Among them, Oceans 7 stood out as a promising introduction to Itaukei and Fijian cuisine.

As we gazed at the menu, curiosity got the better of us. The offerings were unlike anything we’d encountered before, and we decided to take a culinary detour from our usual preferences. While initially, we were drawn to what appeared to be a Chinese-style stall, we quickly realized that appearances could be deceiving, especially when it came to the unique flavours of Oceans 7.

Here’s a closer look at the memorable dishes that made our visit to Oceans 7 an unforgettable culinary adventure:

Bhajia (FJD1.00) – Our journey began with these delectable battered and fried vegetable balls. Think of them as Fijian-style pakoras, perfect for dipping in tamarind sauce. The flavours were enticing, offering a promising start to our meal.

Lamb Rourou served with Boiled Cassava (FJD16.95) – This dish, reminiscent of Filipino laing but with its own twist, featured taro leaves cooked in coconut milk. The result was a rich and meaty flavour, distinct from the spicier and creamier Filipino version. Chunks of lamb with bones added depth to the dish, and the boiled cassava was both hearty and nostalgic.

Curry Lolo Fish served with Boiled Cassava (FJD11.95) – A true revelation, this dish showcased local fish in a dark and flavourful curry sauce. The unique blend of spices left us guessing, but it was undoubtedly delicious. Like the lamb rourou, this dish featured fish with bones, requiring a careful approach. The cassava provided a satisfying contrast to the curry’s bold flavours.

Chicken Fried Rice (FJD10.95) – An intriguing departure from the ordinary, Fijian-style fried rice featured rice compacted into a bowl shape. Loaded with chicken, it boasted a dense and satisfying texture. Served with a side salad and chutney, it offered a fusion of flavours that surprised and delighted our palates.

Custard Pie – As our culinary journey neared its end, we indulged in a simple yet delightful custard pie. Its subtle sweetness provided the perfect conclusion to our hearty feast.

While the portions may have seemed modest, their generosity was evident, with most dishes suitable for sharing. Oceans 7 introduced us to a blend of familiar and distinct flavours, leaving us intrigued and satisfied. This culinary excursion was one of the highlights of our Suva stopover, offering a taste of Fijian cuisine that we won’t soon forget.

Oceans 7
Address: Level 4 TappooCity Suva FoodCourt, Thomson St, Suva, Fiji
Phone: +679 978 1563


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  1. suituapui says:

    The custard pie got my attention!

  2. Tanu says:

    it’s a delightful culinary journey to Oceans 7 in Suva, Fiji! ️ The article not only introduces readers to the restaurant but also showcases the tantalizing dishes and vibrant flavors of Fijian cuisine through enticing visuals. Oceans 7 appears to be a culinary gem offering a fusion of international and local flavors in a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing this mouthwatering experience that allows us to savor the tastes of Fiji and the rich cultural diversity that defines its cuisine. It’s a culinary adventure that makes us eager to explore and taste the world. #FijianCuisine #CulinaryDiscovery ️

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