Julias Taste (Suva, Fiji)

During our Suva stop on the cruise, we ventured into TappooCity Suva mall in search of a dining spot. The top-floor food court led us to Julia’s Taste, an intriguing fusion of Chinese cuisine with a distinct Fijian twist.

Julia’s Taste presents diners with four main options: Chicken, Lamb, Dry, and Special. While the menu bore a semblance to typical Chinese restaurants, it was clear that the real magic lay in how these dishes were uniquely prepared with a Fijian flair.

We settled on trying the Black Bean Sauce Chicken (FJD10.90) and Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (FJD9.90). What caught our attention was how the dishes were displayed canteen-style, offering a visual preview of what awaited our taste buds.

Julia’s Taste was abuzz with patrons, and the long queues indicated that this place had something special to offer. A unique feature worth noting is that they accept multiple currencies – New Zealand Dollars, Australian Dollars, and Fijian Dollars – all at face value. This convenience was a welcome surprise for travellers from the Cruise Ships.

Now, let’s dive into the flavours. The Black Bean Sauce Chicken proved to be a delightful deviation from traditional Chinese stir-fry. It boasted a milder taste profile, omitting the usual Chinese spices like sesame oil and ginger. What utterly amazed us was the portion size – it could easily satiate the hunger of two diners. However, we advise caution with the chicken, as it bore a resemblance to Filipino-style preparation, complete with small, sharp bones a by-product of manually chopping them to pieces.

Our next adventure was the Chicken Sweet Corn Soup, served in an enormous bowl that seemed to overflow with goodness. The soup carried a mild sweetness, a hint of savouriness, and was generously filled with chunks of chicken and sweet corn. While it deviated from the typical Chinese version, it provided a heartwarming and truly filling dining experience.

It appeared that Julia’s Taste might be using a different kind of MSG or nothing at all, as we didn’t experience the usual thirst-inducing effects often associated with some Chinese restaurants. This allowed us to fully savour the flavours without any discomfort.

In summary, Julia’s Taste offered a unique flavour profile that attracted long queues for a reason. With its affordability and generous serving sizes, it’s an excellent choice for a satisfying and adventurous meal in Suva, Fiji. Whether you’re a cruise traveller or exploring Suva independently, this spot is a must-visit for a culinary fusion experience that will leave your taste buds intrigued and satisfied.

Julias Taste
Address: Level 4 TappooCity Suva FoodCourt, Thomson St, Suva, Fiji


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  1. suituapui says:

    That’s our Chinese fast food aka economy rice. The Malay ones are called nasi campur (mixed rice) and the Indian muslim ones, nasi kandar. The choices look good – I wonder what the exchange rate is like, Fijian currency to Malaysian.

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