BBQ Noodles House (Albany, North Shore, New Zealand)

BBQ Noodles House is one of the places we visit one in a while when we crave for affordable Chinese food in a hurry. We pass this place regularly when we go to Albany so it’s quite handy if we don’t have any ideas on where to eat. This was the case during our last visit, we just came from a Sunday mass and was quite lazy to prepare a meal at home, so here we are. This place feels like those usual eateries in Hong Kong, its small and tight so you will definitely rub shoulders with other people dining in here. The round tables do not help either as they occupy bigger space but like I said if you want something cheap and quick then you can’t complain more, after all we are here for the food and not how this place looks.

When we dine in here our usual order is their Combination Roast Pork and Barbecue Pork on rice, which they do a real decent one, serving size is always huge. This time around we will change it a bit and order and will order the full meals instead of the set ones and we might have ordered quite a bit this time around, take note these meals that we had are full orders so it’s meant to be shared usually by a big family.

Let start with their Half Roast Duck (NZ$20.00), a size 27 duckling marinated with house recipe seasoning, dried, then roasted over open flames, served with plum sauce. Like the name suggest, it is a half duck. This is one of their specialties as you see this hanging in their windows together with the roast pork and barbecue pork. Served on a really large platter, this thing is huge, one serving can probably feed three and that’s without other dishes. Skin looks crisp, its glistening with fat and the meat was very tender and tasty. The sauce underneath the platter is not to be missed, so if you order one, feel free to drizzle it on top of your rice to get most of the flavour. What’s best, this thing is just 20 bucks so it is a steal.

We also ordered some Deep-Fried Pork with Garlic (NZ$22.00), made with pork chops coated in this very tasty light breading, its crisp, its juicy and very tasty. The garlic flavour was strong but pleasant as it does not leave that lingering garlic taste. This one was our favourite, simple yet really delicious.

Then as if we don’t have enough meat but then again, we ordered this, one of our favourites at this place, the BBQ Pork (NZ$18.00). Made with tender pork pieces marinated with their house recipe seasoning then roasted over open flames. It’s not overpowering sweet, just right which makes a great balance with its savoury taste.

Fourth order was this Beef Brisket in Noodle Soup (NZ$13.80) as requested by my daughter, comes in a large bowl with tons of tender beef brisket. The soup was very tasty, the noodles were perfectly cooked and definitely a great comfort dish. On your own if you don’t have a big hunger then trust me you won’t finish one order.

Finally for dessert we have this Black Bean Paste Mochi (NZ$5.00) given for free by the owner. A Sweet Black Bean Paste wrapped in glutinous rice flour pastry, rolled in desiccated coconut. Quite a heavy dessert as it is made with glutinous rice but we still manage to devour this beauty.

Most of the dishes we were not able to finish so we had to take them home, this means the next day this was the one we served on our lunch table and it was still good. Overall, we were happy with our order, I am so glad we tried their other offerings and truly they are a bang for your buck.

BBQ Noodles House
Address: 1/361 Albany Highway, Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +649 415 0892

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3 Responses

  1. That roasted duck has me drool like a fool! Love the bbq pork too…mochi as the dessert is a neat idea 🙂

  2. suituapui says:

    Oooo…everything looks so so good! I would love that gorgeous looking bowl of beef brisket noodles.

  3. Hannah says:

    I would check this place out for the mochi alone! It’s so hard to find around here, outside of prepared grocery store snacks. Even the stuff in restaurants is rarely made in-house.

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