Pino Plus (North Shore City, New Zealand)

I don’t usually announce things like this and I was not paid in any way on posting this, it’s even Saturday and I am posting, this is just out of the ordinary. I think I am just ecstatic that there now a legit Filipino grocery in town and what’s good they are on 20% off sale until today. I was so excited when my colleague told me of this, now we can buy hard to find Filipino food items and what’s best its near where we live.

Our first time here was probably two weeks ago and we went on a shopping spree for junk foods, PeeWee, Nagaraya, Chick Boy, Ube Pillows, Rinbee, Butter Coconut Cookies, Sampaloc, Boy Bawang, Sky Flakes and even kakanis like Kalamay Antipolo and Cassava Cake. It brought back a lot of memories which I shared to my daughter, explaining what these were.

We loved the kakanins, its exactly tasted similar to the ones I tried in the Philippines when I was young but one thing I noticed if you closely look at the picture all nutritional values on all kakanins are exactly similar, looks like a copy and paste, I might be wrong but this looks sketchy 🙂 The sweeter kalamay has the same sugars with the less sweeter cassava cake, even though it has the same weight of serving size. We might need to ask GS Prime Ltd who distributes this Kims kakanin brand.

While I might have bought a lot of junk foods there are many other things on offer in which almost came from Philippines, they have frozen section, they have bottled and canned goods as well as other ingredients like sauces, packet mixes and a lot more. They even have beauty products 🙂

While Pino Plus is not new, it is new for us specially the North Shore peeps! With branches already in Hamilton, Manukau and Henderson this one in Link Drive is their fourth one. So, what are you waiting for if you live in North Shore and haven’t heard of it get over there now while there is a 20% discount, things are really cheap! If you’re not a Filipino, then this is the time for you to try some of our wonderful products.

Pino Plus
Address: 18 Link Drive, Wairau Valley, North Shore City, New Zealand
Phone: +649 600 2536


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