Yoshinoya (Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)

The first Yoshinoya I tried was in Hong Kong, I only tried the Japan one earlier this year and there are big differences between the two, like how other fast food chains operate globally they offer something differently to cater for the local preferences.

In Japan they mostly serve just beef bowls with the exception of Eel and Curry Beef, In Hong Kong they also do serve beef bowls plus many more like chicken, pork, salmon flakes, even special items like clams and fried chicken, In Philippines it’s another story as they do serve even more like sushi, ramen, fried chicken and even desserts.

That last time I had this in Hong Kong was 15 years ago and there are some changes already that I noticed. If I can remember correctly there were no pork offering back during they days and what I remembered was just Beef Bowl. That is why today we will be trying those.

We came in here quite early because we are on our way to Macau, while waiting for our boat we decided to have brunch in here. It literally just opened and we were the first customers, first of our orders is this Sumo Beef Hot Spring Egg Bowl (HK$49.00), ordering this would compare other Yoshinoya’s we tried, to our surprise it exactly tasted the same, I thought there will be some subtle differences in flavour due to the local ingredients.

We also grabbed Beef Kelp Udon (HK$27.00), it’s just nice to have some soup early in the day, really good for the tummy.

But what was special is this Pork and Beef Combo Bowl (HK$51.50), the pork was amazing. It literally is melt in your mouth, the minute the pork fat touches your tongue it will dissolve, so good. Overall the we loved it, the beef tastes the same but the pork which was not available in Japan is another level of deliciousness. Well it will be long again till I try that so for the meantime, I will just make them at home and hope for the best.

Address: Hong Kong, Shop 322-323, 3/F Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan
Website: http://www.yoshinoya.com.hk


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