Lord Stow’s Bakery (Taipa, Macau)

This was one of our itineraries when we visited Macau, I heard so much about these tarts from friends, colleagues and acquaintances, I did save a spot on our schedule. Most of them told me it was the best tarts they ever tried, I was intrigued to try them on my own but before that happened I made some at home and that was really good but that was the Hong Kong Style ones . Five years later here we are in Macau giving this Portuguese inspired pasty a shot.

Lord Stow’s Bakery is not hard to find in Macau, in fact they now have eight outlets all serving the same world-renowned pasty, though it would be nice to try it in the original place it was created it was not convenient for us as it was out of the way from our itinerary hence we tried the ones in the Venetian.

The ones in the Venetian is quite tricky to find (at least for us), the establishment was huge and if you have someone with you who is under 18 years of age then you will walk the long route and cannot use the Casino as a shortcut. Another hurdle is that their shop during our visit was under renovation but they have a small stall outside to still cater of patrons.

The stall was just near the front of the shop, located on the manmade canals inside the building it was a sight to see, though it was not as good as the real Venice it was still impressive but what’s even more impressive is this tart, the smell will direct you to their stall, sweet milky baked tarts.

We ordered a box of 6 and they were freshly baked, while it was still warm we started to find a place where we can eat them. Opening the box was a treat the scent was amazing. First bite my reaction was this was really good; the pastry was so crisp and the custard was so smooth and silky.

I have to ponder on the taste as I tried other egg tarts that are creamier and richer but after we continued on eating Lord’s Stows version makes more sense since they are lighter and less rich you can easily eat them without getting tired of it, yes others are creamier but I guess you can only have one or two of those, with this one you can have it nonstop.

We loved it, it’s one of those things you can have every day and never get sick of the taste. Now I understand why people rave about it, how about you, have you tried the real thing?

Lord Stow’s Bakery & Cafe II
Address: K13, Shoppes at Venetian, The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel, Macau
Telephone: (+853) 2886 6889
Address: http://www.lordstow.com/


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