Instant Noodle Experience in Japan

Thanks Momofuku Ando without you instant noodles would be non-existent, I know it’s not the healthiest of any food available out there but I believe in the saying that if its commercially edible nothing is bad for you it’s just the volume/amount you consume of a certain thing that makes it bad. Once in a while we eat instant noodles at home but when we visited Japan I almost did it every day, it’s a once in a lifetime event so bear with me.

Instant Noodles are not created equal, there are really good ones but there are also some bad ones but for some reason in Japan it’s hard to find bad ones, there are good ones but there are better and best ones. I tried my fair share of instant noodles whilst there of which most of them were consumed during breakfast. I tried the cheap ones that costs less than a ¥100.00 and even expensive ones that cost somewhere around ¥300.00, I tried the cup noodles, bowl noodles, the individual packet noodles and even the twin pack noodles and not a single brand that I tried let me down. All of them were tasty some even to the point it tastes like the real thing specially the twin pack ones (these are the straight not curly noodles).

The cup and bowl noodles had impressed me as well since most of them have other bits of ingredients which were not noodles, come have corn, others have wontons, meatballs, vegetables and even seafood. I also noticed the Nissin cup noodles here have more ingredients specially the seafood flavours.

So if you are visiting Japan and love instant noodles make the most of it like me, it’s unlikely you will have the same experience outside of the country, or even when you go back as some flavours tend to be special edition ones. There are many flavours to choose from, trust me, there is a lot sometimes it will start to be confusing on what will you try.


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  1. Juliana says:

    Wow, you sure tried a bunch of them…I always see in the Japanese store, but have not tried…some of the are so cute Raymund…it is like a surprise in every package…
    This is a very fun post…I hope you are enjoying your week 🙂

  2. suituapui says:

    Looks like what we have a lot here, not sure if they’re Japanese or Korean. Seems mighty popular but I have not tried any, not cheap.

  3. So cool, what is the one with a cute pig face? That was my emergency meal in my room in China!

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