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I’ve been using Pinterest I guess since the first year it started, my first pin was this Blueberry Cheesecake which happened 4 years ago (yeah that was 2011, I was one of the first adopters), since then I use Pinterest regularly to view amazing dishes around the world as well as to share my creations.

So what is Pinterest? For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, this site is a visual bookmarking tool a place where creative ideas are shared, photographs like travel destination, fashion, photography, crafts and food the visual sensory overload is endless. It’s a one stop place where you can find inspiration on what you want to do whether it’s a food you are cooking, an event you want to organize or even a craft you want to make.

It does not stop there, you can also create boards to organize your pins, think of it like a folder where you store different items in its respective categories. These boards can also be shared with other users so they can also pin items on it creating a better collection for you and others who might need them.

Pinterest is really addictive but in a good way because it’s not just an eye candy but also a way to learn and try out new things. I got really hooked up the first time I tried it because unlike other popular photo sharing social sites the photos here really shine definitely no overuse of filters and most importantly these photos that were shared can be linked back to its website source so users can read further if needed.

Now did I convinced you to try Pinterest? If yes what are you waiting for click here to register now (this is for a limited time only).


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  1. I love Pinterest…. However, haven’t fully embraced all the awesome others speak of. Will set aside time to learn some more about it.

  2. I love pinterest and how it helped me to get all those awesome recipes on the internet in order :)

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