The Spice Rack Indian Kitchen (Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand)

Discover The Spice Rack Indian Kitchen in Albany – fantastic flavours, great service, and a warm atmosphere. A must-visit for Indian cuisine lovers. Spicing up our Wednesdays at The Spice Rack Indian Kitchen in Albany! ️ From creamy Butter Chicken to spicy Beef Korma, every dish was a delight. The Mango Lassi was a refreshing treat! Great service and a warm, welcoming vibe. A must-visit! #IndianCuisine #AlbanyEats #Foodies

If you are searching for an Indian restaurant in the Corinthian area of Albany, your options are quite limited. This area is predominantly filled with Chinese restaurants, from dessert places to takeaways and sit-down dining options. We’ve explored more than 20+ of these Asian eateries, but there are very few Indian choices. Fortunately, there are at least two I know of: one in the mall, the popular food court spot Shamiana, and the other beside the Caltex, which is our destination today – The Spice Rack Indian Kitchen.

Every Wednesday, my colleagues and I have a tradition of working from our Albany offices. Although Auckland CBD is not far for most of us, Albany is a more convenient location for those living on the North Shore. The main attraction for choosing this office is the plethora of food options in Albany. Being a team of foodies, this makes it the best work location to be in. Every other Wednesday, we try a new restaurant, and this time, it was The Spice Rack Indian Kitchen.

Hidden among a row of shops on Mercari Way, Spice Rack is not easily visible from the roadside. It sits just beside Cinta Malaysian. From the moment we walked in, the place felt warm and welcoming.

The menu offers a wide variety of Indian dishes. Everything we tried was packed with flavour. Whether you prefer your food spicy or mild, they can cater to your tastes. Each curry we sampled was a standout.

The service was excellent. The staff were friendly, attentive, and offered great recommendations. They even explained how a Pappadum is made, which was a delightful touch. The presentation of the food was impressive as well.

During our last visit, we ordered several dishes:

Butter Chicken (NZ$19.00), this dish was on par with the best butter chickens we’ve tried in Auckland. It was sweet, tangy, and creamy. Notably, they offer both the Kiwi-style butter chicken, which is sweeter, and the traditional Indian-style butter chicken, which is not sweet and made with tandoori chicken.

Beef Korma (NZ$19.00), creamy and nutty, this korma was a delight. I opted for the hot version, and it was properly spicy, just as I like it.

Lamb Rogan Josh (NZ$19.00), another great curry, this dish was nicely spiced and full of rich flavours.

Mango Lassi (NZ$6.00), A great option, especially if you order something hot. This drink can ease the heat in a pleasant way. It was very refreshing and not overly sweet, with a generous amount of mango.

The naan that accompanied each meal was well-made, nice, and chewy, dense but airy with really good texture and taste.

Serving portions were generous without being excessive. Their lunch specials are sold in sets, including naan and pappadum with rice and curries, offering excellent value.

The food at The Spice Rack is amazing. The curries look and taste incredible, clearly showing the chef’s effort. The atmosphere is lovely too. The interior felt like a traditional Indian restaurant, well-themed with lots of vibrant colours. The tables and chairs were pretty and unique, and there was always calming music playing.

The Spice Rack Indian Kitchen is an impressive place. The cuisine is exotic and full of flavours to die for! I highly recommend it. Everything we tried was amazing. This has now become my go-to Indian restaurant in the area. The great service and delicious food, always served with a smile, make it a place worth visiting repeatedly. I wholeheartedly recommend it to friends and family for 100% value for money.

The Spice Rack Indian Kitchen
Address: 15 Mercari Way, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 415 3400


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