Seriously Chocolate (Norfolk Island)

As our cruise ship gently docked in Norfolk Island, we were greeted by the promise of a delightful day ahead. The island’s unique charm and natural beauty were on our checklist, but there was one unexpected treat that we couldn’t resist – a visit to Seriously Chocolate.

Nestled in the Strand Arcade on Taylor’s Road, Seriously Chocolate is a haven for all chocolate aficionados. From heavenly chocolates to aromatic coffee, light meals to charming gifts, this cozy boutique has something to delight every palate.

The heart and soul behind Seriously Chocolate is none other than Deb Simpson, a local chocolatier with a passion for creating the ultimate chocolate experience. Her dedication is evident in every handcrafted confection, each one lovingly prepared to perfection. What sets Seriously Chocolate apart is not just the mouthwatering creations but the opportunity for customers to witness the artistry behind the scenes, and of course, sample the divine results.

Our adventure began early in the morning, right after we disembarked from our cruise. Initially, we contemplated having brunch or a snack at Seriously Chocolate, but our culinary curiosity led us elsewhere – to The Olive Cafe, which was conveniently nearby. While The Olive Cafe sated our hunger, our chocolate cravings remained unsatisfied, leading us back to Seriously Chocolate later in the day.

Upon our return, we were met with a pleasant surprise – a good portion of the chocolates had found new homes, leaving us with a limited selection to choose from. Eager to capture a piece of Norfolk Island as a souvenir, we gathered what remained, ready to embark on a sweet taste journey.

Back in the comfort of our own space, it was time to sample the Norfolk Island chocolates. The Rocky Road Chocolate, a thick and dense treat, initially posed a challenge as hard as a brick. With a bit of effort, we managed to cut it into pieces. The first bite was met with mixed feelings. While the taste was passable, it reminded us of chocolates from the Philippines – lacking creaminess with a subtle cocoa flavour overshadowed by sweetness. It was a far cry from the silky Belgian or Swiss chocolates we’ve savoured. Our observation led us to believe there might be less cocoa butter and milk and more sugar in the mix.

The Chocolate Coated Coffee, however, offered a silver lining. Dark chocolate with a richer cocoa taste embraced the coffee nibs within, providing an intriguing contrast of Flavors. This was undeniably a chocolate for adults, boasting a mild bitterness and a touch of sweetness. While it didn’t claim the top spot in our chocolate hierarchy, it left a positive impression.

In hindsight, our visit to Seriously Chocolate left us with a sense of missed opportunities. We regretted not trying their food offerings, which garnered rave reviews online. It appeared that the focus of these reviews was mainly on the cuisine rather than the chocolates themselves. Our missed chance at a culinary adventure in this remote island now lingers as a lingering curiosity.

Although Norfolk Island may not be on our list for future travels, I’m still hopeful that I’ll get the chance to explore Seriously Chocolate’s other chocolate creations. Perhaps those undiscovered delights will offer a different perspective and a chance to experience the promised “Ultimate Chocolate Experience.” Yet, with the memory of Swiss chocolates still fresh in my mind, the bar is set remarkably high. Nevertheless, the sweet journey of discovery continues, fuelled by a passion for all things chocolate.

Seriously Chocolate
Address: 100 Taylors Rd, Burnt Pine 2899, Norfolk Island
Phone: +672 3 22213


3 Responses

  1. suituapui says:

    I thought New Zealand chocolate is to die for? Well, our Malaysian ones aren’t anything to get excited about – not rich and creamy, very sweet.

  2. Hannah says:

    Such a heavenly find. You can never have too many options for high quality chocolate.

  3. You don’t have to convince me that this would be one of my favorite places! I would love to try their hot chocolate…

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