What College Has The Best Food in Canada

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Nutrition plays an important role in student development and mental well-being. Healthy brain foods can improve brain function, which boosts academic performance.  Additionally, brain vitamins for memory can further support cognitive function and enhance learning capabilities.  If a student plays an athletic sport, a healthy diet is even more important for physical strength.

Some universities in Canada take nutrition to the next level and provide world-class meal plans for students. What are some of the colleges with solid meal plans that contribute to physical and mental strength?

University of Guelph

The University of Guelph has received a lot of attention for its peculiar meal plans. Students do not have to choose between delicious meals and healthy food because the university has combined both of these aspects. There are five types of meal plans for students with varying sizes ranging from minimum to ultra.

Students living in the traditional residence are compelled to have their share of the delicious meal plans from the university. The main goal this university has is ensuring that students have a full stomach and a healthy diet. This is not a hard task for this educational institution because the meal plans are hard to resist because of the taste. There are also candy stations around the Creelman Marketplace for students.

Queen’s University

If you are still wondering what college has the best food, Queen’s University has some delicious meals. Queen’s University had a traditional dining hall set up for a long time, but it received a renovation and facelift. Currently, the dining hall is set up as a marketplace, and students can enjoy eating and meeting new people.

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Ryerson University

Ryerson University has taken its meal plans seriously by implementing an interesting menu that rotates every three weeks. To take it up a notch, there is even a Twitter page about the food on this campus. The food marketplace has reduced its pricing to meals from $5. Even better, vegans and vegetarians are also catered to at Ryerson.

One of the most forgotten diets is Halaal food, and these types of meals are available at Ryerson University. These meals are not the basic bare minimum provided by other universities. Instead, they are scrumptious and filling for vegans, vegetarians, and students partaking in a Halaal diet. Meal plans are also mandatory for students living on campus at the International Learning and Living Centre and Pitman Hall.

University of Calgary

The Dining Centre at the University of Calgary can be underestimated, but it has a very diverse menu. The University of Calgary maintains its spot as one of the colleges with the best food in Canada. Students can get food that tastes like authentic homemade meals. If students are a little adventurous, the Dining Centre also serves delicious international cuisines.

Although there are various cafe options and marketplaces on and around campus, the Dining Centre takes away the title of best food place. Additionally, this cafe offers some bonus points for students that use reusable food containers instead of disposable ones. This contributes to eco-friendliness and sustainable living, which is just as appealing as the menu.

Bishop’s University

Bishop’s University has a vibrant food community contributing to delicious and healthy meal plans available for students. At the Dewhurst Dining Hall, students can be directly involved with planning meals by being part of the Campus Dining Committee. Currently, the committee has developed robust meal plans that cater to vegan eaters and different types of preferences.

Meal planning is not passive at Bishop’s University because the menu is updated daily. Bishop’s University’s Dewhurst Dining Hall has customizable meal plans that fit the appetite of different students. This is also applicable to vegan and vegetarian meals, which generally have smaller portions. At this university, you can get filling alternate dietary meals to enjoy during lunch on-campus.

The bottom line

In Canada, student meal planning is taken very seriously. Meal plans are constantly under revision. Students have nutritious food to help students focus more on their studies instead of preparing meals. Some standard dining halls in Canadian universities offer the best food that is even better than some restaurants. That contributes to both student physical development and brain performance. This helps students perform better in athletic activities and in class. The best part is that the food is healthy and not only junk which strikes a good balance.

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