Fantoast Cafe (Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand)

If you like bread toasts and desserts then our place for today is for you, the Fantoast Cafe in Albany. I am not sure when this place opened but as far as I know this place was used to be the Albany Chinese Restaurant which we had tried several times in the past. Today it’s a place where you can get those delicious Taiwanese Thick Toasts alongside different delicious tea blends and smoothies.

We came here for one thing; their toast and we ordered a couple of them. First what a sweet kind, the Mango Thick Toast (NZ$10.99) basically made with a thick toast topped with mango ice cream and fruit salad.

The second was a savory one in the form of this Meaty Thick Toast (NZ$9.99), again a thick toast but this time topped Dried Meat Floss.

Many of you might be thinking the toast beneath is a regular thick bread, yes you are right but it offers more than that. That toast is well buttered and sweetened with condensed milk (I think so), then it is toasted to golden perfection and not burnt, giving it a very crisp outer layer. Afterwards they are topped with ingredients that you like.

For drinks we grabbed some Passionfruit Green Tea (NZ$11.80) and a Matcha and Red Bean Smoothie (NZ$8.00).

Overall, we loved the food, the thick toast is quite heavy so consider this a heavy snack / dessert, trust me you cannot eat something after this for a couple of hours as the serving size was quite large. As for the drinks they were good as well, the tea blend was very tasty and the smoothie was very creamy, it’s like drinking some ice cream. The place was very clean, it felt really new, the service as good too. The only downside is that their prices are quite high, perhaps $1 or $2 more than what I expected for the toasts and the smoothie, with the green tea, that was over the top at NZ$11.80 for a drink that’s robbery 🙂

Fantoast Cafe
Address: 4/198 – 200 Dairy Flat Highway, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 414 6068


4 Responses

  1. They look very unhealthy, but so darn good! LOL
    Life is why not??

  2. suituapui says:

    Not into this kind of places – we do have a few here, the young ones love to hang out at these places, very trendy.

  3. Hannah says:

    Love the name! Considering the avocado toast craze around here, it’s disappointing that there are no options for thick Taiwanese-style dessert toasts like this. I really wish I could try it.

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