Albany Chinese Restaurant (North Shore, New Zealand)

Albany Chinese Restaurant Spicy Shredded Pork Stir Fry

Now you might be wondering why reviews are starting to show up in this blog. Well here at Ang Sarap I want to share anything related to food to you guys regardless if it’s a recipe, product, fancy or not so fancy restaurant as long as I like it you will see it here. If I only reside in the Philippines I will also review street hawkers and walking vendors 🙂

What you will be expecting here are good reviews, not sure if that would change soon but for now let me be the bearer of good news. Let’s all be positive and share what’s best. This restaurant for example the Albany Chinese Restaurant located in the corner of Oteha Valley Road and Dairy Flat Highway, it’s nothing fancy in fact it’s just like your regular Chinese eatery but what is so special here. Well apart from the great food the place looks really clean for a Chinese Restaurant though I saw their rating is B (if I can remember correctly) it looks much better than that, I saw Grade A restaurants that look dirtier you think it’s Grade D. The place is also quiet compared to other Chinese restaurants.

Now let’s go to the food. The menu is quite different from others as well and they don’t offer a huge list of choices (which I think is great, it’s not confusing) your regular stir fries are there but there are also some items which you don’t usually see in Chinese restaurant like the ones we ordered. I guess this is a Chinese restaurant that specializes in a different regional cuisine, I am not sure. We just ordered 2 items on our last visit as we are in a hurry as we are late for an appointment. My wife did order some beef curry pictured above and I ordered spicy shredded pork with bamboo shoots and wood ear fungus pictured below. The serving was massive the picture does not speak for itself but that rice is as large as a small bowl and beneath it is a hefty serving of viand; take in mind the amount you see showing around the rice. We loved the fact the rice is on top and not the other way around which is the common scene here in New Zealand, this means you can easily separate the rice you won’t consume without your plate looking so messy. The taste is different and you feel you’re not eating Chinese, you don’t have that usual greasy and sesame oil taste. We are planning to have another shot soon as we both enjoyed our dishes, it was cheap too if I can remember it is less $10 per plate, definitely it is a steal.


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  1. Nors says:

    San yan pre? Mukang masarap ha

  2. Looks like a decent place and cheap too! 🙂

  3. mjskit says:

    oh I would love to have a decent Chinese restaurant here. I miss it. Most here are so so. The Albany restaurant sounds like a great place to eat!

  4. This place food looks delish! And the price is right. If you ever visit NYC, I know of a great Chinese place you’d love.

  5. “looks really clean for a Chinese Restaurant” 🙂

  6. I’m HUNGRY for some good Chinese food. But I think the commute from Texas might put me a little past dinnertime today!

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