13 Bubble Tea Flavoured items you can find in your Asian Grocery

Lately we have been stormed by salted duck egg yolk and ube flavoured everything, those were the thing of the past, what’s new nowadays are bubble tea flavoured everything from cookies to mochi, even almonds are now flavoured with this Taiwanese drink. Bubble tea is a much-loved drink in Asia and across the world where there is a big Asian population, this sweet creamy tea served with black tapioca pearls is like the coffee counterpart for most Asians. This drink comes in many forms and can be topped with many different jellies like items, but the most classic flavour is the milk tea, a sweetened black tea with milk or cream served cold or hot. This flavour is very popular, so popular non milk tea items are now flavoured with it, and that’s what we are going to share to you today.

Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bar
Ice cream is the most logical thing to do, all you need is to whip it, aerate it and there you go, your bubble tea is now an ice cream.

Pearl Milk Tea Ice Bar
Not a fan of the softness of ice cream, then have it in ice bar, basically this is bubble tea in a Popsicle format.

Netflix will never be the same with this popcorn flavour, so it is a drink and a snack in one?

Bubble Tea Milk Cake
If they can do it in Ice cream and popcorn, why not have it in Cake form. Do we call this a cake? Well you can if you classify a Fig Newton as one, they are nearly the same, the only different is its slight bubble milk tea flavour.

Bubble Milk Tea Mochi
After opening the individual packets of this mochi take a whiff and you will surely know you are in for a treat, the scent of a sugary milk tea welcomes you. The filling tastes like a big soft tapioca pearl, slightly sweet but not overpowering.

Bubble Milk Tea Nougat Cookies
I don’t know why they call this nougat a cookie, it’s not a cookie, it’s a nougat. But if you are a fan of both nougat and bubble tea then this treat is for you.

Bubble Milk Tea Gummies
It looks like tapioca boba pearls but each of those gummies pack a punch from its bubble milk tea flavour.

Black Sugar Milk Tea Almond
If you want your brain to be confused then give this one a shot, its crunchy, its crispy but every bite feels like you are drinking some bubble tea. It will make you wonder is bubble tea this crunchy.

Bubble Milk Tea Seaweed
Now let’s make things weirder, well Tao Kae Noi is already popular with its interesting seaweed flavours now they released this one. This will test your taste buds, while you think seaweeds are salty this one is sweet, seaweed still is the primary taste, but the hints of bubble tea comes out after several bites.

Boba Chocolate
There are many brands who make this now but Kaiser seems to be the most popular one, the milk tea flavoured chocolate ball with gummy boba inside is fascinating but delicious.

Bubble Milk Tea Drink in Can
Let’s put this in here while its already a drink this one is in the convenience of a can, just place it in your fridge ready to pop anytime.

Instant Brown Sugar Jelly Bubble Milk Tea
Another drink in the list but this time it’s an Instant Bubble Tea, like the instant coffee. Same convenience as the can but I guess with a longer storage life.

Kit Kat Milk Tea
Finally this list won’t be complete without a Kit Kat on it, yup they did it again but there are no boba’s in this treat, just pure milk tea flavour.

There you go! Have I missed something, let us know in the comments below


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  1. Half of the pictures are missing…

  2. suituapui says:

    Bubble teas are a craze here, mainly among the young and trendy. Not cheap, and thankfully, I am not a fan – would be bad for my blood sugar level!

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