Ramen Do (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

Ohhh Ramen, I can’t get enough of this one. It’s one of the best comfort meals ever made. In my whole existence I had tried many ramens already even the ones in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. The real Japanese ones was so good, they really take their broth so seriously but out of Japan its quite a hit and miss for me but not in New Zealand. Most of the ones I tried here are comparable to the ones in Japan, I even made a list on where to get the best ones and one of those was our restaurant for today Ramen Do.

Ramen Do is unfortunately located in a place where no one usually passes by, so you will rarely find tourists here unless they are a foodie. While this establishment is not in a popular high traffic place it is still near Auckland CBD, but it’s quite a walk but you will be paid with some good ramen if you do so, in fact it is a good idea to walk so you can get their extra-large noodles that will make your really full for the rest of the day.

We came here for a dinner but still there is no one stopping me from grabbing that big bowl of delicious noodles with extra pork so hence once of our orders was this Hokkaido Miso Ramen served with 1 Pork Belly and 2 BBQ Pork (NZ$16.00) then I upsized it for an extra (NZ$1.00). I was in heaven, this is what my food dreams are made of. The broth was so tasty with hints of the salty miso, it was rich but not overpowering plus the meat was fork tender, the minute that chopsticks hit it, they just instantly dissolve.

Next up was this Tsuke Men (NZ$16.00) which is basically a deconstructed ramen where soup is served separately from the noodles. The noodles in this dish can feed two people and it was good. Nice texture on it and the soup tasted like the Hokkaido Miso Ramen but stronger, that is why it is served with a pot of boiling hot water to water it down if you wish to.

Then our last ramen for this visit was this Paitan Salt Ramen (served with two BBQ Pork (NZ$13.00), another great dish and its quite unique in taste. I believe the broth was made from mussels and pork bones as the taste is quite evident, I might be wrong.

Three ramens all came out spectacular, and like I said most ramen joints here in Auckland do it well and this is nothing different, in fact they might have done it better than the others. Now it’s up to you to judge and see if we feel the same sentiments.

Ramen DO
Address: 167 Symonds St, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9377 1313

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