Epiphany Donuts (North Shore City, New Zealand)

First there was just Dunkin Donuts, then came Southern Maid, then Al’s Deli, next was Krispy Kreme and now we have Epiphany. I love that these new places started to pop up, now we have many options and definitely some friendly competition. Thirteen years ago, I was dismayed with my donut options here, we can’t get anything apart from Dunkin Donuts and our local bakery (not good donuts), we just hoped that someday a new competitor comes in, not that Dunkin Donuts is bad but sometime you want something new for a change.

Then few years later new donut shops opened and now we have at least five great brands and one of them is this Epiphany Donuts. This became really popular with the Filipino community in Glenfield, since there were rumours that the one that owns this shop in Glenfield is a Filipino, and since them Filipinos start to support it by spreading the news.

I tried their donuts before, I remember it was their Black Forest, did not ate immediately it after my wife bought it, I did then forgot it, long story short I ate it on its 4th day, it was stale and not good anymore. Not a good first time.

May weeks later after that dismay, we did grab a dozen to recover from that experience. This time no Black Forests but what we grabbed this time were the Crème Brûlée, Passionfruit, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream, Cookies & Cream and Sugar Glazed. This time was much better, way much better! I love it, soft, light and fluffy plus it’s not too sweet. I this bunch my favourite was the Crème Brûlée and Passionfruit.

Does it compare with Krispy Kreme, well definitely yes but it’s a different treat. Krispy Kreme is sweet, so if you love the sweet stuff then have Krispy Kreme that is why my favourite in Krispy Kreme was their simple glazed donuts. Epiphany on the other hand is less sweet, giving you the chance to try the real flavour of the donut you are having, plus it was light as well, almost as light as J.Co.

There you go, another great donut shop that will add to my options when I crave for one! This place is highly recommended.

Epiphany Cafe Glenfield Mall
Address: Shop K01 Glenfield Mall, Glenfield Road and, Downing St, Glenfield, Auckland 0629, New Zealand
Phone: +649 441 4465
Website: https://epiphanycafe.co.nz

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