The Night Market (Kowloon, Hong Kong)

In Hong Kong food is easily accessible anywhere, you will never go hungry, everywhere you can find all sorts of food, from the affordable, gourmet or up class it’s all around you. One great example of it is this place in Kowloon Station, the Night Market, with the transport system so effective and interconnected we dined in here 3 hours before our flight back to New Zealand. To give you an idea how far this is from the airport by car it is 35 kilometres but with the Kowloon Station equipped with check in facilities to supported airlines it’s like being in the airport even you are far away. If this is on other countries a lot of people will be stressed with the 3 hours difference from a place 35 kilometres away from the airport, add to that some time allotted for having your lunch and the check in procedure.

Kowloon Station changed a lot since the last time I was here, before it was just a major station now it is more than that, there are a lot of establishments everywhere. Like I said we had three hours to board but we did check in our luggage and ourselves before looking for a place to dine in. On the top floor after a bit of stroll we found this place, The Night Market.

It was full packed when we came in here but there are still some free seats, will we make it on time if we dined in here? We did not bother as we have ample time to kill before our long flight. We were not that hungry at that time but we need to eat because the next food intake that we will have will be on 2 hours after the plane departs which will be 5 hours from the moment we sat down at this place. Hence, we grabbed something not that heavy but not light as well.

I was missing New Zealand at that moment hence I ordered something meaty, so I grabbed some Stewed Brisket in Tomato Sauce (HK$92.00) which reminds me of home cooking as well as my home country. Made with thick cut brisket in a hearty tomato sauce, it’s a great comfort meal to have especially when you are home sick. It also is nearly similar to the Filipino Kaldereta so the flavour is up my alley.

We also grabbed some Spare Ribs with Pears (HK$78.00) because this is quite new to us, I never had tried pork with pears yet and it seems like a great idea. The flavour was like sweet and sour but milder, the pears were chunky and partly crispy.

And for the drink I was surprised to see Green Mango Shake, this is one of my favourite drink back in the Philippines. Mildy sour and sweet refreshing drink is the perfect way to finish up a meal.

This place was good, food was not A++ but still better than others, the flavours are there but the meats was not cooked long enough giving a tougher texture than my preference. Service was Ok as well, and it only took us a full hour since we sat down and ate all our orders. We still have two hours left so after dining in we grabbed the train and we were at the airport 40 minutes later, with 1 hour and 20 minutes of time to spare we still enjoyed shopping inside Hong Kong International Airport.

The Night Market  
Address: 1 Austin Rd W, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2807 2292


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