Yooji’s (Zurich, Switzerland)

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I love sushi but I was never a fan of sushi trains simply because I know this tasty treats is just a grab away in front of you and I will over order for sure. This is what happened when we craved for some sushi when we were in Zurich.

Yooji’s have many branches but we chose the one in Josefstrasse for ease of parking. Upon entering the premises it looks like the usual Japanese restaurant, clean, minimalistic with lots of bamboo design. Though it is quite traditional there are some touches of modernity. There are tablets in front of each diner where you can place your order if it is not available on the sushi train.

Yoojis 01

Yoojis 03

Each tablet is placed between the dining table and the rails where the small plates travel.

Yoojis 02

Upon sitting we immediately went into action and tried ordering from the tablet. First order was this Chicken Noodle Soup with Soba Noodles (CHF 12.90).

Yoojis 05

We also grabbed a couple of Miso Soup (CHF 5.90)

Yoojis 08

Both were great and the size is just enough leaving you some space for that sushi moving in front of you. Now we have some food on our belly its ready to grab those sushi plates. The sushi chef is located in the middle of the restaurant and we are nearly at the start of the distribution line so we get the sushi as fresh as possible just after they make them.

We grabbed what we fancy and I just noticed as I write this article, all of them were inside out sushis.

Yoojis 04

Yoojis 07

Yoojis 09

Yoojis 15

Yoojis 16

We also tried their special for the day which is a Salmon Flower Roll

Yoojis 12

and  Chicken Katsu

Yoojis 06

Surprisingly, they make their own bottled drinks which we also got to try.

Yoojis 11

Yoojis 10

Yoojis 14

And to finish it all up, we had  Lychee Mochi Ice Cream (CHF 5.90)

Yoojis 17

Now you know what I mean by over ordering. I think that explains why I am not a fan of sushi trains, it goes beyond the budget. We had 7 plates just the sushi alone not counting the other extra orders. Each plate starts from CHF 4.90 up to CHF 12.90, I think we ordered most on the mid high range so it costed us more than CHF 200.00 (roughly US$200.00/NZ$ 300.00).

Yoojis 19


Yoojis 18

And if you think you still don’t have enough, you can grab some takeaways on the way out.

Yoojis 20

If I get to live in Zurich, I think I wouldn’t mind being one of their regular customers at all. The selections are amazing and like most good Japanese restaurants their food cannot be faulted, they are perfectly done.

Address: Josefstrasse 112 8005 Zurich
Telephone: 41 (0) 44 271 73 73
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.yoojis.com/


3 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Wow it looks great. I usually prefer being served, as quality tends to be a bit better, but from your pics, it looks really nice.

  2. kitchenriffs says:

    I’d definitely order way too much there! Just couldn’t resist all those wonderful goodies passing by in front of me. 🙂 Fun post, terrific pictures — thanks.

  3. suituapui says:

    Nice look Japanese delights. I had some really good stuff at one place at Parnell in Auckland too, very nice!

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