Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador (Murano, Italy)

Venice Part 2 00

Since we already had a glimpse of Venice the other day we have some extra time to visit the other islands of Venice like Murano. Murano is popular for its glass making, located just North East of Venice it’s just less than an hour away via the Water Bus. We boarded in the station “P.le Roma (S.Andrea)” Platform B, it is quite hidden from all stations and was quite a walk from the parking lot, but once boarded all you have to do is enjoy the view as it still passes by the Grand Canal.

Venice Part 2 01

Venice Part 2 02

Venice Part 2 03

A third of the way the water bus then turns left to Canale di Cannaregio then onto the open sea where it feels more like a motorway but for boats. They even speed here like cars speeding on the motorway.

Venice Part 2 04

Venice Part 2 05

The open sea is quite a bumpy ride but it will not take time to your destination as they drive fast here. Minutes later we touched down in Murano.

We were there mid-morning up until lunch time and this place is quite different from Venice first because there’s not much tourist so its cleaner and it’s not so crowded, there were less shops and obviously if you see one it’s a glassware shop.

Venice Part 2 06

Venice Part 2 07

We did not wandered around much and we stayed just near the water bus station, it was quite hot that day so were conserving some energy before we go back to Venice. We had a look at some shops just to see the beautiful glass arts they make but that’s about it, we never bought anything big as they have a high probability of breaking on our way home.

Venice Part 2 08

Venice Part 2 09

Venice Part 2 10

After some window shopping we searched for some place to eat, after several corners from the main alley calle “Fondamenta Manin” we turned right to this beautiful cobbled street called “Calle Bressagio”. Midway the whole length of the street was this alfresco dining in front of a small hotel called Hotel Al Soffiador. We sought refuge here against that blistering heat of the sun the tree shades and canvas umbrellas was just a perfect place to retreat.

It was quite early for a lunch but with the pizza and pasta in front of us I would not bother whether lunch is served even at 10 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon.

Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador 01

After looking at the menu we decided just to get two pizza of the same flavour, the Prosciutto e Funghi.

Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador 02

Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador 06

Again the Italian pizza did not failed us, the dough they make is perfect every time and the tomatoes used here is way much different in other countries. After this we had some pasta and we did get three different types. First was the normal tomato (€9.00) which my daughter love.

Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador 03

Then I got this Carbonara (€12.00) but minimum order was two

Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador 04

and some seafood pasta (€13 .00) as we love our seafood

Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador 05

The tomato based pasta was great but not as flavourful as the one we had in Don Peppe (don’t get me wrong they both taste amazing, one of them is just better), the carbonara definitely delivered to my expectations. The noodles were all cooked perfectly and they were all seasoned well. Definitely this restaurant was a great place to have lunch, highly recommended to all those who will visit the Murano island.

Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador 07

After this good lunch we are back to business, it was not too heavy just right to keep us moving without the feeling of a bloated belly so we went back to the station and continued on to our journey back to Venice. This time we are heading to the Piazza San Marco. Another open sea ride and around 30 minutes later we are back.

Venice Part 2 14

We disembarked at the S. Zaccaria (Danieli) station and it was right smack in the middle of the day so instead of going directly to the town square we passed by the small streets where it is shaded. We passed by Campo San Zaccaria then to Campiello Santi Filippo e Giacomo onto Calle Canonica then to St Marks Basilica. The queue was not quite long going inside the church so we hopped on and a few minutes later we are in. I bet in the afternoon or even early mornings this will be quite a long line.

After our visit inside we just strolled in the square, was thinking of getting some coffee at the oldest cafe in the world (Caffè Florian) but at noontime coffee in the middle of summer is not ideal.

Venice Part 2 11

Venice Part 2 12

Venice Part 2 13

Few hours in this place then we headed to the inner Venice to continue our sightseeing, it was quite a task with all of that heat and sweat but with all of the amazing sights it was all worth it.

Venice Part 2 16

Venice Part 2 17

Venice Part 2 18

Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador
Address: Bressagio, 10, 30141 Venezia, Italy
Phone: +39 041 739430
Website: http://www.venicehotel.it/en/


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  1. suituapui says:

    I guess when in Italy, do as the Italians do – eat pizza and pasta. Nicer than those you can get in NZ?

  2. Juliana says:

    Awesome pictures Raymund…these brought me so many great memories of my trips to Italy…the food looks fabulous!
    Hope you are enjoying your week 🙂

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