Bird Cage (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

When the Victoria Park Tunnel is being built in Auckland CBD last 2010 there was one solid brick building on its way that is needed to be moved so they can bore a hole safely. The Birdcage is an Auckland landmark and had been a watering hole for 127 years, it was placed in jacks and moved 40 metres from its current position and back to have a safe construction. Amazing engineering isn’t it? Have a look at the video below.

Before it never interested me to dine in here but this feat of engineering was a good marketing tool which popularized this old pub again. It is located in the Auckland CBD in front of Victoria Park just below the motorway, you can dine inside or al fresco which is good during the summer season. One time me and my wife had lunch here and I ordered some salad and pizza, I am not sure what the theme of this restaurant is but I guess is a general pub where they serve different dishes from different cuisines.

The salad I ordered was Salmon fillet with green bean & potato salad, homemade aioli ($19.50), I was really good but not spectacular. Serving size was good but I hope the salmon would have been bigger especially when it is served for lunch.

What is stunning is this pizza that contains spicy chorizo, crispy capers, tiger prawns and mozzarella ($20.00) it was an amazing combination and the crispy capers was a surprise. Baked to perfection the melting creamy mozzarella is a perfect match to the spicy chorizo and prawns. I matched it with a big glass of tap Peroni Premium Lager ($10.00) and I couldn’t be happier.

Birdcage Bar & Restaurant
133 Franklin Rd, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011
Phone: +64 (9) 280 1690


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  1. Kristy says:

    They moved an entire building?! And twice?! Wow. That would be a great marketing tool.

  2. How did they push / pull it? Was there some kind of motor or vehicle that pushed it?

  3. Moving a building is a big commitment to the establishment — must be a special place. That pizza looks fabulous!

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