Machi Machi (Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand)

Machi Machi is a popular bubble tea shop chain that originated in Taiwan and has since expanded to multiple locations worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan and now in New Zealand. The shop is known for its unique and innovative approach to traditional bubble tea, offering a wide range of flavours and styles that cater to all tastes and preferences.

Machi Machi’s menu includes a variety of milk teas, fruit teas, smoothies, and cheese foam drinks. Some of the shop’s most popular drinks include their signature Black Milk Tea with Crème Brûlée, Jasmine Green Tea with Plum Jello and Fresh Strawberry Slush with Cream Cheese Foam. Similar to other large bubble tea franchises, Machi Machi’s offerings are also customizable, where customers can choose their preferred sweetness level, ice level, and toppings. Toppings include classic options like tapioca pearls and mini taro balls, as well as more unique options like cheese foam, jello and dango.

If you’re a fan of bubble tea, you definitely have to try Machi Machi in Albany. We visited the shop a few weeks ago and were blown away by the quality and flavour of their drinks.

While the prices at Machi Machi are a bit higher compared to other bubble tea shops in Auckland, we found that the options and taste made up for the extra cost. Here are the drinks we tried:

Black Milk Tea with Crème Brûlée (NZ$10.80): This drink was a standout for me. The black milk tea was perfectly brewed, and the addition of the crème brûlée added a creamy and caramelized flavour to the mix. The burnt sugar on top was also a nice touch.

Fresh Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta (NZ$14.80): This drink was visually stunning with its vibrant pink colour and layers of milk and strawberry puree. The panna cotta added a nice creamy flavour and a pleasing soft jelly texture.

Fresh Taro Latte with Panna Cotta (NZ$12.80): My wife loved this drink as she is a big fan of taro. The flavour was spot on, and the addition of the panna cotta gave it a nice creamy texture.

All the drinks we tried were delicious, with good flavours and textures. The panna cotta on the two drinks added a nice touch of creaminess and texture, and the drinks with crème brûlée had a defined flavour with a slight bitterness from the burnt sugar.

Aside from the drinks, Machi Machi is also known for their visually stunning glass bottles with colourful and Instagram-worthy designs. The shop’s interior design is also modern and trendy, making it a great spot for a quick drink or a relaxing catch-up with friends.

Overall, we were very impressed with our drinks at Machi Machi. Although the prices are a bit steep, the quality and taste of the drinks make it worth the extra cost. Be sure to stop by and try one of their unique and delicious drinks!

Machi Machi Albany
Address: 11/14 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand


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