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When I go for a business trip in Brisbane I always prefer to stay at Swiss Belhotel, it’s a really good business hotel, modern, clean, large and the rooms have complete amenities but its lacking one thing, the breakfast buffet restaurant that family hotels commonly have. Though it does not have it what it does have is this cafe, the Cafe 63. Cafe 63 serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, though I haven’t tried their dinner and lunch offerings I do have breakfast here always and since I travel quite frequently I had tried most of the options on their breakfast menu.

Menu looks quite intensive if you look at it, but if you carefully study them it all revolves around toasts, eggs benedict, roesti, pancake and waffle it just differs on the sides that comes with it like bacon, sausages, fruits, cheeses, etc. Naming their food items is quite witty as well where you see dishes named like Mark Webber, Stephanie Rice, Elle Macpherson, Endeavour, etc and as you read what it contains then it starts to make sense why it’s called like such. Like I said I had my fair share of breakfast here but to give you an idea on what to expect I will show you three of my recent orders.

First up is this John Walker (AU$ 18.00) where it consists of bacon scrambled eggs, haloumi and toast. This is my go to breakfast because I love its combination specially the haloumi part, that cheese is just simply amazing.

With this I usually pair it with some Iced Mocha (AU$ 7.00)

Another breakfast option is this Deep’s Breakfast (AU$ 25.00) and if you are very hungry, have a hangover, planning not to eat for a whole day or all of the above then this option is for you because trust me this is a massive plate of anything meat, it is actually a meat fest in a plate, it’s such a manly breakfast. It contains lots of bacon, a thick hamburger beef patty, a piece of pork belly in barbecue sauce, three pieces of sausages, 2 pieces of hash browns, lots of grilled tomatoes, scrambled eggs and two pieces of thick toast, it will be a challenge to finish this.

For drinks I suggest go grab a simple one like this really long long black (AU$ 5.00), the last thing you need is a coffee with a cream on top.

And if you are not in a mood for some toast then I suggest grab some pancakes or waffles like this Stirling Moss (AU$18.00), basically two waffles served with maple syrup, bacon, scrambled eggs and strawberry.

the perfect drink for this one would be a fruit juice and for me Orange and Apple Juice (AU$5.00) is the best match.

Sausages, Bacon and other breakfast meat are mostly the same from one place to another so I can’t really sing praises about those but for the bread and scrambled eggs it is a different story. The wholegrain bread here is quite good, it’s quite dense but still soft, it was quite nutty and filling butter and vegemite definitely shines in this slice of bread. The scrambled eggs here are made with perfection, it was so creamy and very moist, I love how they prepare them. Coffee was great as well, I am a coffee purist so if I have them I just want it black not sugar and milk so I can taste it in its purest form, their blend tastes good, it’s not too bitter, perfectly roasted and its easy and smooth to drink, they definitely know how to make their coffee here.

So there you go, if you ever happen to stay somewhere near this place in the future, try this place out, with their wide range of choices there will be something definitely for you.

Cafe 63
Address: Shop 1/ 218 Vulture Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia
Phone: 1300 63 63 00

Additional Photos of succeeding visits

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