La Cucaracha Mexican Bar and Grill (Honolulu, Hawaii)

When you feel like having some Mexican while you in Hawaii then try this one out, the La Cucaracha Mexican Bar and Grill (Honolulu, Hawaii)

La Cucaracha Mexican Bar and Grill (Honolulu, Hawaii) 1

I don’t know why all of a sudden we ate something Mexican when we were in Hawaii, it was also the time we were looking for some local food. Well sometimes when you are hungry you don’t think well and your ability to decide degrades which in turn most of the times will lead you to something bad. Having said that there are also few instances that it will turn out to something good and this is one of it.

While walking at night in Waikiki hunting for some local food on the way to St Augustine by the Sea Church we stumbled upon this establishment in Koa Avenue corner Uluniu Ave. It was vibrant, there are some people in the queue (not a lot) and were hungry after no luck in our hunt for local delicacies so we decided to have dinner in here. The line was quick so we were seated in less than 15 minutes in a nice place in the corner. We were greeted by two waiters, one trainee and one trainor they immediately grabbed our drink orders and we got some Corona’s.

The beers came in quick from there we ordered our dinner, while waiting I grabbed some chilli sauce which is displayed beside the entrance, there’s heaps of them lined vertically on the wall. Minutes later our orders arrived first was this soup called Sopa de la Casa ($5.50) which was a chicken soup with cabbage and infused with Mexican spices, it’s a different kind of chicken soup and it was good we want to make some of this at home.

La Cucaracha Mexican Bar and Grill (Honolulu, Hawaii) 4

Then came the Cuca Tacos ($13.95), it is their signature tacos made out of soft corn shredded beef tacos topped with salsa verde, chooped onions and cilantro. The flavour was spot on and it’s not too spicy, still need to add some of that chilli sauce.

La Cucaracha Mexican Bar and Grill (Honolulu, Hawaii) 5

Finally we had this Crispy Carnitas ($19.95) and it is made out of tasty pork made crispy crispy served with onions and salsa verde. I love what they had done here I never tried carnitas with a crispy crust before, the soft taco shells was soft and perfectly warm this was the best of the bunch.

La Cucaracha Mexican Bar and Grill (Honolulu, Hawaii) 3

Most of their dishes are served with Mexican Rice and Pinto Beans topped with cheese.

Overall the food was great but the price was not, anyways that’s usually the case in Waikiki everything is quite expensive. If you read some reviews from other blogs and site I guess most of them think it’s a rip off due to the price which I think is partly true but if we just talking simply about food then I can’t find any fault on what we ordered as they were good.

La Cucaracha Mexican Bar and Grill (Honolulu, Hawaii) 2

So we loved the place, we love the food we like their friendly staff who took photos of us wearing a smile on their face just don’t look at the price. BTW as a bonus you can use those Mexican Hats as a props on the entrance for your wonderful selfie photos.

La Cucaracha Mexican Bar and Grill
Address: 2446 Koa Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States
Phone: +1 808-924-3366

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  1. Juliana says:

    Looks good Raymund…I see you are enjoying your time in Hawaii!

  2. lalainemanalo says:

    Wow! Their prices are pretty stiff. In Southern California where taco trucks and taquerias abound, I can enjoy authentic tacos for less than $2, or .99 cents even on taco tuesdays. But l guess, it is all about supply and demand.

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