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Foodie Box

FoodieBox is a food subscription service that caters specifically to a growing community of food enthusiasts who care to learn smart, quick ways to make healthier food. The FoodieBox team is made up of a group of Foodies want to introduce healthier, quicker options that will let any Foodie eat and live a better lifestyle.

FoodieBox is aimed at everyone who loves food and loves receiving a large boxful of edible surprises. Delivered bi-monthly, each box contains a variety of scrumptious food offerings for you to discover and try.

Starting at just $39, FoodieBoxes are sent out every two months, containing 7 or more products. It is excellent value, as it is always worth more than what you pay for.

Several weeks ago I got my first FoodieBox, it was exciting because I don’t know what I will get, I feel like I am opening a gift when I saw it. As it was handed to me by the courier I noticed it was quite heavy, I opened the courier bag and I was welcomed with a high quality box, similar to what you find in Apple products. It was sealed by a magnetic flaps and the box was really thick and sturdy, as I open, the edges started to expand further to loosen what’s tightly packed inside.

Foodie Box Contents

As promised by FoodieBox every item inside were good quality premium products. What I got were 10 products from different manufacturers like Barker’s, Vogel’s, Vitasoy, Kaweka, Red Seal, Wiltshire, Multix and Karajoz adding all up its RRP (Recommended Retail Price) it comes to total of NZ$55.16 which is definitely a good deal knowing that this subscription is only for $39.00. These items were also accompanied with two brochures which contains recipes you can prepare out of the items in the box as well as the description of each item you have.

Foodie Box Recipe

I was totally satisfied with what I got and definitely everything in the box (uven the box) will be used and none of it will go to waste, in fact we had that Vogel’s Crunchy Peanut Butter Clusters for breakfast the next day. I also made one of the recipes indicated on the attached pamphlet and that’s what we will be sharing tomorrow. But before we go do you know that FoodieBox is feeling generous today and wanted to give out one FoodieBox delivered right at your doorstep (in New Zealand of course) all you need to do is fill the information below and tell us via comments “If you are to choose one product from their current range what would it be and why?”

So what are you waiting join now but if you can’t wait for the draw sign up today at and have your first FoodieBox delivered. Hurry as there are limited subscriptions available!

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59 Responses

  1. blank Rebekah says:

    I’d choose the Vitasoy soy and almond milk – I’m lactose intolerant and sometimes it gets boring drinking the same old almond milk all the time, so it’s always good to mix it up with something else like soy!

  2. blank kiwidutch says:


    I’d choose the Red Bush Tea (this is a translation of the name “Rooibos” of Afrikaans/Dutch origin given in South Africa, there this tea comes from).

    Red Bush Tea is special because it’s not a regular tea leaf plant with added flavourings in the like of apricot / raspberry/ mixed berry etc, and in fact is nothing to do with the “tea leaf” plant at all.

    The Red Bush Tea plant is a small tree /shrub and usually the only thing in a packet of it, is the Red Bush leaves themselves, no added anything.

    I love that it contains NO tannin, NO caffeine, NO pesticide chemicals ( Red Bush Tea is mostly organic) and that it’s a tea that doesn’t become bitter if you leave it in the pot to stew, it just gets stronger in flavour.

    The icing on the cake is that Red Bush Tea is packed with vitamin C and is great for your immune system. My sister in law once loaned me a small book detailing all sorts of studies that have been done on it and all of the health benefits. It was used by indigenous people in South Africa for centuries for it’s medicinal properties.

    Since I’m recovering from an accident and take around 16-20 different medications per day that are necessary for my recovery, it’s important to me that the rest of my diet is as healthy and as chemical rubbish free as possible. Therefore Rooibos fits the bill and ticks a whole load of healthy boxes all in one hit.

    Just like other full herbal teas (camomile for instance) it may take a while for a new drinker to get used to the taste, but I recommend that anyone trying this really gives it a fair go.
    I adore the taste and love that I can drink it at any time of the day or night guilt free.

    I was delighted to see Red Bush Tea / Rooibos tea in the Foodie box… and whilst I obviously can’t get a box delivered to me here in the Netherlands, I can checkit out for friends and family who live in New Zealand, so Thanks!!!

    p.s. I don’t know if it’s just me, but yours is the only blog I go to where, when I open the page loud music starts blaring out, …I can’t see which of the adverts it is on (I’m assuming it must be in the advertising somewhere???) and the music is overly loud, completely distracting from reading your blog and just plain vanilla totally annoying.
    Do you know about this music? and more importantly how I can turn it off?
    Thanks… Kiwi 🙂

  3. blank NaomiLee says:

    I would choose either Wild Country Roast Bruschetta Spread, or Vitasoy milk. I’d choose the first because I would be able to make lots of different dishes with it. But if I chose Vitasoy, its because I prefer that soy is thicker and has more fatty acids in it, but almond milk has a better flavor. We can’t get that kind here where I live and I’m hoping its as expected on flavor. I’d also be able to make shakes and soups with it. Really, its a toss up between the two. I can’t decide well because both are so versatile in its use.

  4. blank Sharon K says:

    I interested in trying the Red Seal Herbal toothpaste. I like the fact that it’s Paraben free and has herbal extracts in it.

  5. blank Christina says:

    I would choose the Fresh As fruit powder range – They are absolutely amazing!!

  6. That’s a surprise box I’d like to get too. 🙂

  7. blank Rachel Wang says:

    I would choose the Wiltshire Egg Poaching Bags. I can never make a perfect poaching egg.

  8. blank Aaron Tily says:

    This is a great idea and really helps people make a perfect lunch, dinner, etc.

  9. blank Darren says:

    Wild Country Roast Bruschetta Spread as i love the taste

  10. blank Elizabeth Beaton says:

    Definitely the Karajoz coffee. I’m a first time mum with a newborn, I need all the coffee I can get!

  11. blank Louise says:

    The Joie sure grip jar opener would be fantastic! I’ve wanted one of these for ages.

  12. blank chrystal steiner says:

    Red bush tea as would love to try!!!

  13. blank Keri Pakai says:

    The red seal toothpaste it is a great alternative to the other wise checmical based toothpaste.

  14. blank Ck Smith says:

    would love to try karajoz coffee have hears it is awesome coffee

  15. blank debbie says:

    The Barkers fruit preserve because I love Barkers and use fruit preserves in a lot of my baking and dishes

  16. blank Anna Valli says:

    I’d choose the Vitasoy soy and almond milk, I can make awesome smoothie out of it

  17. blank Alison Pollock says:

    I’d try the almond milk, because it’s just something that I have been meaning to buy instead of milk to try out in recipes.

  18. blank maria ragay says:

    the vogels peanut butter clusters of course, as it is way healthier.

  19. blank Sarah D says:

    I would choose the Fresh As Fruit Powder Range. I love my smoothies and always looking for things to add goodness 😀

  20. blank Sarah says:

    I loved the vogels cereal, I normally don’t touch cereal but absoloultly loved this one and even bought 2 more packs since. Mixed with the almond soy milk they both were a yummy treat! ( I’m dairy free )

  21. Karajoz coffee – because it’s COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. blank Rebecca says:

    Kaweka the meals for one, starting new job involving split shifts be good to have these in the freezer to ensure eating meals, but something quick and easy and tasty and lots of variety for allow myself to pick from

  23. blank Kerry armstrong says:

    I’d love to try the Fresh As Fruit Powder in my baking sounds amazing.

  24. blank Sharon says:

    I would choose the vogels cafe vanilla and almond as it is Gluten free and it would be a nice change to have some variety for breakfast

  25. blank Bobroberts says:

    I hope I win!!

  26. Dang, now that is box of goodies, what a brill idea. It all looks so good, chefs choice on what I should try. LOL! 🙂

  27. blank Barbara Haddock says:

    Kaweka meals for one, have recently tried these and they are just fantastic.

  28. blank Holly Wiseman says:

    What a great idea. I’ve always seen the mint licorice allsorts and never been game enough to try them. What a way to try out some new foods!

  29. blank Clayton says:

    Would love to try Karajoz coffee, heard great things..

  30. blank Georgina says:

    I would choose the Barkers NZ Seedless Bramble Berries Jam because my four children love jam and it would be great to try a full-flavoured product with less sugar

  31. blank Sarah Maguire says:

    I would love to try Vogels Peanut Butter Clusters as I love Vogels cereals very much. They are very healthy and taste awesome. I would like them to be a bit cheaper in price though. Yummy!!!

  32. blank Teresa says:

    I would choose the Vogels Peanut Butter Crunchy Clusters as these look and sound really nice, plus they have the added benefit of a good start to the day.

  33. blank Sarah says:

    Barkers fruit preserve would be delicious for all my family to share.

  34. blank Tui Amohanga says:

    VOGEL’s Café-Style Light Vanilla & Almond, I always need something for breakfast with substance and I find Vogels cereals are just that and are great for when I am on the run

  35. I would choose the Soy & Almond milk as it is a healthy alternative to cows milk and I feel so much better substituting dairy.

  36. blank Marise says:

    Peanut Butter Clusters – what a decadently healthy tasting breakfast – Yum

  37. blank Edie Olivier says:

    Karajoz Coffee because I can’t live without a good fix of coffee

  38. blank anetta says:

    Barkers Bramble Berry! yummo, haven’t eaten jam myself in ages. I know my children would love it too.
    Love how awesomely packaged and presented this foodie box is, think I will have to give it a go. Thanks for the great review, was good to see whats inside and how its all presented.

  39. blank Sue Marett says:

    I hate making decisions – there are so many goodies in FoodieBox at present. But I love the Red Seal Black Adder tea, so that would be my first choice.

  40. blank Chrissy says:

    It would have to be the coffee at the moment – burning the candle at both ends, new job and packing to shift.

  41. blank susietrenwith says:

    would love to try the barkers fruit preserve

  42. The Karajoz coffee 🙂 always on the lookout for decent coffee. My day seems to start so much better after a nice cup of coffee.

  43. blank Haley McLaughlin says:

    Red Bush Tea – love it

  44. blank Sarah Blair says:

    I love using the red seal toothpaste! Everything else looks fantastic too!

  45. blank Melissa Gawn says:

    Vogels cereal because I am always looking for new cereals to try

  46. blank mamagood says:

    I’ve been looking at these for a few months now, soon as we get into our new house I am definitely signing up.

  47. blank imrose says:

    soy n almond milk..fresh n refreshing..

  48. blank Lakeisha says:

    I would choose the Wiltshire Egg Poaching Bags, because I would love to be able to enjoy poached eggs.

  49. blank Lesley says:

    We’ve been trying out redseal’s lemon flavoured natural toothpaste so would love to try the other flavours ;O)

  50. blank Alejandra Corbella says:

    OMG! So many good stuff to choose of. I Love soy milk and teas and they have it!

  51. Vogel’s peanut butter clusters are just so yummy. a decent start to the day!

  52. blank Odette Duncan says:

    I’d love to try the poached egg bags!!

  53. Karajoz coffee would be my first choice on account of my being a terrible (or dedicated) caffeine addict!

  54. blank Anita Erceg says:

    I find most toothpaste too strongly flavoured so enjoy Red Seal Herbal Toothpaste.

  55. blank Kim O says:

    Wow, what a great lot of products and ver yummy as well. I haven’t tasted a lot of them and would love the opportunity.

  56. blank Josh says:

    id be curious to try the The red seal toothpaste as would be interesting!

  57. Love the Karaioz coffee!

  58. blank Julie Smith says:

    I would choose the peanut clusters as I’ve never tried it before I like trying new things but my budget doesn’t normally allow this

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